Massive Nude Celeb Photo Leak Rocks Social Media – Kate Upton Jennifer Lawrence #fappening

iphoneCFN– Why would anyone working in the public shoot nudie photos and complain if they get leaked in 2014?

Yes, it’s an invasion of privacy and yes it can be brutal in some ways; but it also is a sport for hackers who the harder it is to gain access, the bigger the rush and challenge they get in cracking into private folders of photos online.

Literally hundreds of very intimate and in some cases, x rated, shots are being published on Social media sites like Reddit.

The biggest victims seem to be Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence with nearly 100 photos posted of the two.   Canada’s own Avril Lavigne was also caught in a photo of  that is x rated as well.

Ms Lawrence’s rep online confirmed the veracity of the photos and stated that anyone posting them would be prosecuted.    A person who hacked into Scarlet Johansson and Mila Kunis personal photos received a 10 year sentence LINK .

Some of the celebs have admitted that the photos are of them and were stolen; some are stating that the pictures posted are fake.

The mystery hacker allegedly behind the photo theft claimed online that an Apple iCloud glitch allowed the stars’ smartphones to be hacked, LINK.

Apple had no comment.

The scandal even has its own twitter hashtag #fappening

Bottom line is that there is no 100% safe way to store these photos online.   Should celebs get sympathy for these invasions of their privacy?

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  1. With all the porn and pics of gazillions of naked people readily available on the net, what’s so special about these people’s bodies? I don’t get it. What’s the issue?

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