Kanata OPP Constable Michael Janho Arrested Again. Charges of Sexual Exploitation – Aug 29, 2014

OPPCFN – OPP Constable Michael Janho, 32, of Kanata, was arrested again on new charges of Sexual Exploitation.

He had been previously charged with child luring and possession of a restricted firearm.

A 32-year-old Ontario Provincial Police officer previously charged with child luring is now facing new charges.

Const. Michael Janho, of Kanata, was re-arrested Friday and charged with two counts of sexual exploitation.

Janho is a six-year member of the OPP and was working out of the Ottawa detachment when he was initially charged in June 2013 with child-luring and possession of a restricted firearm after having turned in his service revolver.

Janho’s first charges were related to incidences that allegedly occurred between September & December 2012.

He has been suspended with pay ever since.

Janho was off-duty at the time of the incidents and is a six year veteran of the OPP.    The incidents were reported to involve a teenage girl.


  1. Suspended with pay? why on earth is he still getting a paycheck, he should be fired.

  2. My understanding is that he is innocent until proven guilty and so continues to receive his “entitlements” until proven otherwise. Put yourself in his shoes and you would likely consider that not only is it fair it is the right thing to do.

    Putting yourself in the shoes of the taxpayer might have you believe that if he were found guilty that the money he received from the time of his suspension to the time of the verdict should be in fact returned to the taxpayers. But as you know, we live in a “fair” society not necessarily a “just” society. Money obtained under false pretense is not often recovered.

  3. There is no justice at all and there is no just society anywhere in the world. The rich get the best treatment and the poor are thrown away in jails. The cop who “murdered” Sammy Yatim in Toronto was off with pay and full benefits and now is at a desk job. The murdering cop shot the young man 9 times and then he and his murdering buddies tasered him until he died. The same thing with a Polish man out in Vancouver whose mother passed away and he couldn’t speak English and they tasered him until he died. I read the same things going on in the US about tasering old ladies, etc. You sure wouldn’t see Warren Buffet or George W. Bush or anyone with a name being tasered or shot at but only the little people. It isn’t the first time that the OPP does horrible things and I know lots because of what my husband was a former taxi driver here in Ottawa as well as Ottawa’s cops and the Barney Fife PD as well. I have never trusted cops at all and never will as long as I live.

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