Marty Brodeur to Montreal? Yeah Baby, Make it Happen Mr. Bergevin by Jamie Gilcig

martyCFN – The buzz is that Montreal and All Time Goalie Marty Brodeur are sniffing each other’s hind quarters.   The play, if the Benjamins are right (about $1M for 1 year; maybe a bonus for each round of the play offs the team makes) makes a lot of sense for both.

For one Marty would have no trouble with Montreal media; especially the French media.    Two, as great a guy and suited to being a back that Peter Budaj is; he’s really not “the guy” as he showed when Carey Price was wounded last year.

Dustin Tokarski is Jaro Havlak all over again.  He’s a fierce warrior that clearly would be nabbed via waivers.    He certainly was not the cause for Montreal losing to the Rangers last year; but he didn’t exactly steal any games either.   He’s definitely a good NHL goalie with some potential upside and a really light cap hit.    He’s tradeable or can be part of a package.

What Marty brings to the table is something that Montreal is missing right now which is a bonafide “pure laine” star.  He also has hit Nirvana a few times and knows what it takes to win.    In a best case scenario he just might be keyto help Carey Price over that hump that he seems to not be at yet.   At worst, if Price doesn’t fully recover from his injuries or has another injury,  Marty is capable of giving the team that extra level of confidence; especially in a play off series.

Montreal isn’t the worst team.   I’ve worked with Marty and I’m sure he and his agent know not to hold out for big bucks if for any other reason than the what endorsement possibilities of Marty in a Habs jersey would bring, and I say that on authority having been the first guy to make money from Marty at events in Montreal and the area.

No, this is a feel good story that has the potential to be legend.  It really does.  The down side is limited and the risk to benefit ratio is all on Montreal’s side.   And if Marty does well and has fun who’s to say that he doesn’t stick around a few years; especially with some home cooking and his family out in St. Leonard?

Of course I’m selfish.  I miss hanging out with the Greatest goalie to ever put on the pads in the NHL.    It would awesome to see him finish his career at home.

Right now it’s up to Marc Bergevin to grab opportunity.   Montreal isn’t just about winning hockey and Stanley Cups; but in how it’s done.  It’s about style which I believe is something that Mr. Bergevin gets.

Montreal is about heroes and right now we have a chance to have a home town hero.

What do you think Habs fans?  You can post your comments here.


  1. By far the stupidest thing i read all day

  2. Is this for real? Montreal doesn’t need a 42 yr old backup they are ripe with backups…. give your head a shake this is just dumb

  3. I agree with Ryan. Why would the Canadiens want Brodeur? They have a good starting goalie and a good backup.

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