Kilger Campaign Manager & Chair of Cornwall Police Board, Pat Finucan Thinks My Wrongful Arrest Is Funny by Jamie Gilcig


CORNWALL Ontario – I was at Riverdale Terrace for the first time tonight.    Stunning facility for those to retire to; but it was former St. Lawrence College Dean, failed Provincial Liberal nomination candidate,  and Kilger campaign manager Pat Finucan that marred the evening.

It was stunning and shocking.  Sadly it was no surprise.  Mr. Finucan is usually the epitome of reserved intelligence.  A true gentleman; but today his veneer fell as he actually laughed about my criminal charges and the fact that the Crown has refused to drop them in spite of a production order from Bell categorically proving that I didn’t make any calls as per the claims in the disclosure.

I was charged with making threatening phone calls, not just once, but a second time after being warned back in February of 2014.   The times, dates, duration, and from which number were in the disclosure.   I was put in a cell, charged, finger printed and smeared in the police blotter and then by multiple media outlets.

Why does this matter in relation to Mr. Finucan?  Because besides being the Mayor’s campaign manager he is the chair of Cornwall’s police board of which Mayor Kilger also sits.

That also means that Mr. Finucan plays a key role in whether sitting Chief Dan Parkinson gets a new contract.  Ditto for Deputy Chief Danny Aikman.

During a friendly chat I asked Mr. Finucan about what he thought about my charges not being dropped by the crown and he feigned a lack of knowledge about the entire incident which I found incredulous.

I asked Pat how he’d feel if he’d been locked up for the first time, fingerprinted etc.   He actually laughed and thought it was funny.

I was stunned.  I shared that having experienced this I didn’t really think that it was funny.    He explained the role of the Police board to the amazement of myself and another council candidate in the conversation.

He then asked the candidate what they’d do about it if  they were on council which was a boggling question as city councilors do not have the same impact on policing that Chairs of the Police Board do.

As someone that had lived on this planet for 49 years without ever being charged with any crime; never mind be booked, or politically smeared in the police blotter, it was a shocking experience and frankly a frightening one.  Having to empty pockets, lean against a wall and be patted down, sit in a very odd plastic stoolish kind of chair….not to mention wondering about the ramifications including care of a very sick old dog.

I have sent an email to all of the MPP’s in this province which resulted in a letter sent to the Attorney General, Madeleine Meilleur by our MPP Jim McDonell.

One month later and that letter has not been answered.

We now are asking people to contact the Attorney General’s office in Toronto and to sign the petition below.

Telephone toll free: 1-800-518-7901
Telephone Toronto: 416-326-2220

Mailing address:
Ministry of the Attorney General
McMurtry-Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2S9

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mcdonell letter to AG

The AG has been contacted by a lot of people; but the crown is still refusing to drop my charges and investigate what exactly has occurred here in Cornwall.   And until my charges are dropped or heard in court (which can take up to one year to occur) the bad guys can’t be held accountable.

I’m again appealing to our viewers to contact the AG and ask that her offices investigate this embarrassing travesty of justice of our Ontario Criminal and Legal system and investigate this and have my charges dropped immediately so the police can go after those that made false claims against myself.


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  1. Like I said many times here on CFN and to many people there is no justice and only JUST US and I am not saying this as some sort of a comedy thing to laugh at because I am dead serious. I refuse to vote ever again. After seeing all the lunacy going around Cornwall and South Stormont with a herd of chimpanzees and the Three Stooges throwing doo doo at one another you wonder where the adults are. Cornwall and South Stormont are the laughing stock of the country. It is shameful when I have to say that I am originally from Cornwall. I am not from this lunatic fringe at all. I can’t relate to adults acting like spoiled brats. This Funican or whatever his name is should leave town as well as the chief of the Barney Fife PD. Not one are normal at all – what a society we live in today. It is mighty shameful.

  2. Jamie this sure isn’t funny at all and you will have to get cops from outside of Cornwall as well as a lawyer from outside of Cornwall. There is no hope at all in Cornwall for anything. If you don’t get this matter resolved it will get a great deal worse. When you find out who did this you sue the hell out of them and I have good ideas who. Get on the bandwagon now Jamie. Cornwall is a mighty strange place and that is a place that I can never go back with a reputation like that. I wish you the best and want to see this matter cleared up for you as quickly as possible. Cornwall’s reputation is black.

  3. Author

    Simon as I’ve documented, the CCPS has not laid a single charge in any of the near dozen complaints I’ve filed including the assault by Ian Bowering that occurred right in front of at least two CCPS officers including the former Mayor’s Brother in Law, SGT Brian Snyder. The video of the event was played in court and still no charge.

    Again, we need a clean up and an accounting of the CCPS.

  4. Jamie that is why Cornwall’s cops have to be taken apart and scattered to the wind because their mentality is so mighty small just like the town they live in. If one is from another town or city they get nailed but a criminal from Cornwall gets proected. I cannot live under such a mighty weird mentality.

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