Cornwall Ontario Weather Chaser Nate Newton is Chasing Rainbows – October 9, 2014

nate newtonCORNWALL Ontario – Early fall storm damages trees and power lines in Cornwall

Several small but intense storms made their way across the city today with strong gusting winds. Several trees were blown down and the local Fire Department was dispatched to investigate damaged power lines.

This year has been globally one of the warmest on record to date and we are seeing this extra heat cause the Jetstream in the upper atmosphere to have much farther north and south variation. This brings up more moisture from the gulf coastal areas and that, combined with the El Niño this year, has brought the wet and stormy summer that much of Ontario has endured this year. Low pressure centers have been also causing the Jetstream to get locked in circular patterns causing the same storm systems to roll over an area repeatedly over the course of weeks or even months.

North American wind patterns at 6 PM EST on Oct 8th

earth NN

One of the storms this afternoon, around 2 pm came with nearly no warning just as younger kids were getting out of school. In less than 10 minutes it went from cloudy to a small hailstorm. Ten minutes later the sky was clear blue with only a few wisps around the horizon. About half an hour later the largest storm of the day hit, this one causing the tree damage.

Later in the evening it rained a bit more however not quite as violently and the setting sun produced one of the brightest rainbows I’ve ever seen.

Nate Newton – @igmrlm

Nate Newton is a remote IT technician in the SMB market. In his off time he enjoys following current events, weather patterns, and videography and is an avid reader of science and technology articles and books. He has been recording and writing about long term weather patterns in the Cornwall area as a hobby for the last 3 years.


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  3. We had rain and wind here where I live too. Pretty exciting for sure.

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