OCTOBER IS ONTARIO LIBRARY MONTH Events at the Cornwall Library for OCTOBER 19 – 25, 2014

cwLibraryCORNWALL Ontario – Cornwall Public Library is proud to celebrate libraries during October which has been designated as Canadian Library Month. The idea for a month dedicated to library and information services in Canada was developed by library partners from across the country to help raise public awareness of the important role that libraries play in the lives of Canadians.


Canada’s libraries make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and in our communities. They help to inspire Canadians to celebrate our culture, to advance universal and equitable access to information, to support lifelong learning and to document and preserve our heritage for generations to come. This month, the inspiration created in and by libraries will be celebrated with the theme “Libraries Inspire!”


“We are so pleased to share the stories of libraries users across Canada.  The way libraries have inspired Canadians is endless,” commented Valoree McKay, Executive Director of the Canadian Library Association.


Today, over 23,000 librarians and library clerks serve in over 22,000 libraries in incredibly diverse communities, from major metropolitan areas to towns and rural hamlets, from research‐intensive universities to colleges of art and design.


Over 21 million Canadians hold a public library card, making public libraries the most popular cultural institution in the country. Over 97 per cent of Canadians live in communities served by a public library, and the library adds to the vitality of every one of these communities.


Across the country, libraries will be holding a variety of events to highlight the impact of libraries in their communities. We invite you to drop by Cornwall Public Library and see for yourself the amazing programs and services offered in addition to having great collections of books, audio books, E-books and DVDs. A special draw for an E-Reader will be held at the end of this week’s celebration. Fill out our free in-house ballot to participate.


“Libraries remain a vital part of every community providing access to information, innumerable services, and resources that Canadians coast to coast depend on,” concluded McKay, CLA’s Executive Director. “This month, let’s all celebrate the significant impact libraries have in each of our lives.”

This week at Cornwall Public Library Oct. 19 – 25


Adult CPR Course – Mon., Oct. 20

Next Steps – Applying Quantum to your Life. – Tues., Oct. 21

The Forum. Group discussion. Various topics. –  Wed., Oct. 22

Various club activities this week:

Cornwall & Region Writers Society. –  Mon., Oct. 20

The Flying Needles Knitting Program. –Tues., Oct. 21

St. Lawrence International Stamp Club. – Tues., Oct. 21

Adult Friendly Bridge Club. Wed., Oct. 22

Adult Tri-County Chess Club. Wed., Oct. 22

Brown Bag Book Club. Thurs., Oct. 23

Cornwall Scrabble (Ages 16 & up). Thurs., Oct. 23


Time for Twos . –  Mon., Oct. 20

Les Bambins à la Biblio – (pour les 0 à 2 ans) – Tues., Oct. 21

Drop in Family Storytime / Heure du conte familial porte-ouverte – (for children and their parents) Sat. Oct. 25

Check-Mates Chess Club. – Sat., Oct. 25

Scaredy Cat Meow-lloween Gang – (Ages 8 to 12 yrs old) Sat., Oct. 25

Yoga Youth – (Ages 6 to 16 yrs old). –  Sat., Oct. 25

Toddler Adventures- (Ages 1 to 2 yrs old)  Wed., Oct. 22

Baby Tales – (Ages 0 to 1 yr old). – Thurs., Oct. 23

Storytime – (Ages 3 to 5 yrs old). – Thurs.,Oct. 23

Paws N Books. Sat., Oct. 25


Giant Fall Used Book Sale.  Friday & Saturday, October 24 & 25

Focus Art Expo until October 30.


  1. My daughter and I will be going to the library in my area in a 1/2 hour. It is one of my favorite haunts. There is so much information and love it. I even order books on line that come from all over Ottawa’s 33 libraries.

  2. Jamie isn’t this the library you want to shut down???????

  3. Great line up of activities for the library!

    Still like Jamie’s concept of a community arts centre at the library; movies, music, dance, painting etc.

    Libraries are being recreated for the 21st century. Here’s how the new Halifax library has been described in the Globe & Mail.

    It is being billed as the “city’s living room.” Its rooftop patio offers stunning views of Halifax harbour. There is a 300-seat theatre, two cafes, gaming stations, two music studios, dedicated space for adult literacy, a First Nations reading circle and boardrooms for local entrepreneurs.

    Oh, and it will lend books, too.

  4. If I want to see a movie I will go to the theatre. The same goes for dance, etc. since every place has its own. I prefer reading hard copy books and in silence without all the disruptions. I would not be for such a system at all whatsoever. I see students from the high schools, colleges and universities seeking peace and quiet to study and do homework assignments and they bring in their laptop computers with them here in Ottawa. I am not for any kind of an arts centre like what Tea & Biscuit described. We have the National Art Centre here in Ottawa and I never go to it since it is not what I am about. There are place for that kind of a thing for those who like that and the library is for people like myself who want peace and quiet and be able to read and study in peace and quiet.

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