Elder Abuse Whistle Blower Diane Shay in Registered Nurse Journal – Oct 19, 2014

Diane Shay RNJ picCFN – While the latest whistle blower, Registered Nurse Julie Johnston from Glen Stor Dun Lodge just stepped forward, Diane Shay has been battling the city of Cornwall since 2008.

Below is her story as it appeared in the latest edition of the Registered Nurse Journal which we have been given kind permission to reprint.

Diane Shay RNM 1

Diane Shay RNJ 2

The RNJ piece was written by Melissa Di Costanzo.  Photo: Jason McNamara

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  1. What a brave lady, I have so much respect for you & support you fully. You did what any patient advocate would & should do. They have done a grave injustice to that patient, to future abused patients & also to yourself, they have stolen your health & deprived you of earning a living. Shame on all city council

  2. Author

    Mary not a single councilor; not even Leslie O’Shaughnessy has commented on Julie stepping forward. That says something.

  3. Great Work Julie and Diane…..Congrats….I respect you so much for doing the right thing …..and taking the abuse from Cornwall…..Cornwall my City that sure knows how to abuse the ones who come forward for the weak…..Bless you and Good luck…..Shame on Cornwall ..they are good at abuse and protection of peadophiles…..

  4. Did you really expect a response from the city and /or a city councilor? From past actions when a whistle blower is involved no response was issued.

  5. Thanks for covering this news item, as disturbing as it may be! From the May 25th, 2008 incident “the employee grabbed the man by the shoulders, pulled the man up in his chair and began to force feed him”! All for accidently spilling some water ! This is one example of why we need government regulators in our daily lives. In this case it was Diane Shay (RN) that stepped up & did her job & reported the incident to the Ministry. But, no this is Cornwall, the story began to have a life of it’s own. Council’s silence on this whole issue is most disturbing & sickening ! I was always of the opinion, that the City of Cornwall, was a top-notch employer, wrong again.
    Diane & Julie, stay the course, you are not alone !

  6. It would be nice if the courage shown by these ladies had rubbed off on at least one member of Cornwall council.
    Wild guess says most councillors have other jobs so standing up at council and demanding change shouldn’t be that hard.
    But it seems thats not the case- so another wild guess would be- that they like the power and prestige and don’t want to give it up!
    Its hard to name a case where a “leaker” hasn’t suffered mightily for trying to do the right thing.

    Cornwall seems to be following President Obama!!!!

    New York Times reporter James Risen might end up doing jail time for not revealing his sources

    President Obama has found himself at the center of this debate. After he entered office celebrating whistle-blowing as an act of “courage and patriotism,” his administration has prosecuted eight government employees for leaking classified information — more than all previous administrations combined.

  7. I wish the word “whistleblower” would go away. It sounds alarmist and rabble-rousing, and sometimes evokes pettiness. Sad. Particularly when in Diane Shay’s case, it was about being conscientious, dutiful, selfless and forthright. She acted bravely, professionally and morally. She’s a hero. She has stood alone.

    Likewise, Julie Johnston is brave and right in exposing an additional abuse of power. City councillors’ mail (anyone’s mail!!) should never be stolen.

    It is extremely disappointing that especially women, in community leadership roles, would remain silent on these issues.

    ..course there are women politicians, and supporters, actively campaigning on a cyberabuse site and live events. Do they not realize people from beyond the borders of SDG are watching? Especially now that Diane Shay’s story has gone National? What a sad legacy.

  8. Getting rid of the word does not get rid of the problem.

  9. I agree Mary Anne Pankhurst re the term whistle-blower. It has taken on connotations of “subversive” or “non-patriotic” recently.
    God bless Canada and Dear Leader! And keep that whistle in your pocket if you know what’s good for you.

  10. I thank God for you Mrs. Shay, because we as family place our elder in your care, everyday and hope that they are getting the care they deserve. This type of abuse has been going on for so long and no one, and I mean no one will stand up for the elderly. Again, thank God u did. The ministry is too busy collecting the monthly income these elderly citizens put in their pocket every month and forget they are human beings who deserve respect and care. Sometimes we as people can not look after our family, so we entrust their care to these institutions, we don’t expect to find out that what we are paying for them, they are not getting the care they deserve. Thank you again for being the kind of nurse you are.

  11. Linda Major…the ministry does not collect money from long term care residents. The money goes to the facilities. The ministry administers the LTC program and makes sure rules, etc. are followed.

  12. I sure do hope that this case goes to court like what Leslie O’Shaughnessey wants to do. Mr. Menaugh you might have to kiss your money goodbye because you will be forced to testify under oath and the same goes for Fitzy Paul Fitzpatrick and Denise Labelle Geninas. This would be mighty interesting to follow. Withholding mail is tampering and that is a federal offence and can be jail time for Bare Ass and anybody else involved.

  13. While I’d like to see this case make it to trial, I don’t see it happening. The city, again, will settle out of court. No government ever wants a case to go to trial, it reveals the inner workings of how government works or they don’t want their dirty little secrets revealed.

  14. Who is paying for Alyssa Blais’ glossy hard flyers that just arrived at my door?

  15. I’d say Alyssa Blais is paying for the flyers. Easy way to find out after the election and the election expenses / donations reports have been filed ask to see a copy of her report. That’ll tell you who donated to her campaign.

  16. Wow! It must be the Agape or the Liberal party because we all know how poor she is. Jules, I doubt very much that even if it went to court, the city would plead no contest so no one would have to testify. Some wish Soilent Green was for real……..

  17. Funny how the primary reason for deny, deny and deny the whistleblower is to avoid a rash of whistleblowers tarnishing the great reputation of our mayor and council and let’s not forget administration at the top either. How dare they give more than a positive idea or suggestion,
    Why, the nerve of anyone to say ‘Cornwall (Houston), we have a problem,’ so let’s beat the living s..t out of them, make them the problem and leave the perpetrator on staff……..we’ll bloody show them who is boss around hear. Can you imagine it happening just like that? I can. EGO, power, power, power.

  18. Author

    Diddly this is the standard attack tactic used by this Kilger Council and management. During the three years of the city and chamber led boycott of CFN I keep reading about “How I’ve changed” when I haven’t an iota; but there is a lot of lies and gossip that’s been spread and that’s steeped into the community perspective. Gilles Latour was the first one that actually said that to my face. Was it me changing or simply saying no to him? I said over a year ago when I resigned from Team Cornwall that I would not return to them (or the chamber) until they cleaned house and while not yet proven Mr. Latour has been arrested for fraud.

  19. Perhaps if Cornwall city management treated their employees with respect whistle-blowers would not be needed. It needs to start at the top and work its way down. As well, change needs to happen, again starting at the top.

  20. This makes me so sad. That poor gentleman, could have been my father, he spent the last five years of his life there. It’s unfortunate that the city of Cornwall didn’t deal with this properly right from the beginning. We need more people like Diane and Julie. Thank you for caring.

  21. Way to go for “speaking out” and not giving up. Two very brave ladies, Diane and Julie.It seems this “news source” i.e) “Cornwall Free News” seems to the only real news “source” in the area who get the real stories to the public. These ladies and other whistle blower’s need support. I’m sure they have a tough time. Good for you ladies. Don’t give in or “sell out”. Your voice speaks for those without voice.

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