Really? Shoshana Roberts Hollaback Big Apple Video Proves What? By Jamie Gilcig #NYC

you don't wanna talk  ROBERTSCFN  – What an odd world this is becoming.  A video purporting to show what beasts men are has gone viral on You Tube.  I’m sure many of you by now have watched the near two minute clip of the  curvaceous and zexy Shoshana Roberts jiggle around the Big Apple from  10 hours of footage.

How you doing today


what’s up beautiful –  have a good day

What’s up girl  how are you doing  –  somebody’s acknowledging  you for being beautiful

god bless you mami

hey baby

hey beautiful

how are you this morning

have a nice evening


damn DAMN

god bless

Sexy American Eagle

(stalker following her)

hey look at that I just saw a thousand dollars

what’s up miss

how you doing

have a nice evening darling

Really Anderson?  Ten hours in Manhattan and this is the drama?  You were old enough to remember the 70’s, right?

To sum this up, after ten hours of recording and walking around only one stalker or really creepy incident was recorded including night footage.

Of the remaining ten hours most of the comments clearly do not cross any lines.

Since when did calling out to someone become a crime?  Do we live in bubbles now?  Were these men stepping into her person space?

I would suggest that we have lost the ability to communicate and live with each other have become hyper sensitive.  Why is that?  Why aren’t we teaching our children simply how to react?     Men or women.

I myself while visiting London and driving around with my friend stuck my head out of my bud’s sun roof and uttered the famous British phrase while at a stop,  “Corr what knockers!”

The fair English maiden stopped, turned to us, smiled, and then clippity clopped across the street.   Should I have been arrested for that?  Should I be condemned as I’m sure some might after I’ve shared this story?   That particular woman seemed quite happy with the compliment.  Maybe people in England aren’t as sensitive as we North Americans?

Frankly we live in a world now where it seems people feel safer and bolder communicating via their phones and computers while having no face to face skills anymore.

The Hollaback people chose Ms Roberts for a reason.   She’s got wild curly hair, good breeding hips, and large breasts.  This is caveman 101.

You don’t see the term “Little Pink Dress” or “LPD” for a reason.  The little black dress (or LBD)  is worn by women to bring out some lust in men.(and women on occasion)    They sent her out in form fitting black with pink shoe laces.    Puh-lease!

Sending out that type of caricature and only pulling this sampling in a city that is not known for being reserved is not an indictment.  It’s something that we should be proud of.

Over thirty years ago SNL did a skit of reverse sexism with a young Dan Ackroyd dressed in hot shorts and then cat called by the female cast members.  That was over 30 years ago.

There is a gross difference between what we saw in this video and say what is traditional in Italy.

Italian travel is as easy for women as it is for men. You may get complimented, whistled at, pinched, prodded, or propositioned, but you’re probably physically safer there than you are at home. (Italians see rape as even more repugnant than Americans do, and there are far, far fewer reported rapes in Italy.) – See more at:

What should be condemned are people like Anderson Cooper and other media who have sanctioned and magnified  this position.  We need to talk to each other more in this world.  We need how to learn how to communicate through issues even when we don’t agree.  And mostly we need to push back against this PC type behavioral hysteria.

But mostly we need to get a grip.

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  1. Aren’t social experiments fun?

    I’m sure if a really hot guy tried the same thing women would comment on his butt, pecs or package. But they’d keep it to themselves or not loud enough to be caught on camera.

    Like they say men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

  2. How was any of what those men were doing in the video “talking to each other”? They were imposing themselves on a stranger like toddlers trying to get mommies attention. Here is a clue- women going about their business have no obligation to make random men a part of their lives. Catcalling isn’t about respect for the woman, it isn’t about communication- it is about a sense that random men have the right to women’s attention even when the woman clearly is occupied with other things. So you think a woman giving you a nervous smile and getting the heck away from you is a sympathetic response to popping out of a sunroof and yelling at her with a non-specific rude statement of supposed admiration. So you think that women should be happy that if they travel they can be assured that physical assaults on their person will be limited to groping and verbal abuse. It really is a matter of perspective but in each of those cases I can guarantee that the first thought in the woman’s head isn’t about how she was complimented but rather how she can get away from the situation with the least trauma to herself.

  3. Author

    Cynthia the men for the most part were clearly were addressing her. Is there actually something wrong with that? The majority clearly were not “Cat Calls” either.

    You’re right. Women(or men) don’t have any obligation to respond. It’s not about a right to garner attention. Most of the comments were positive admonishments. They saw something that impressed them and commented.

    I’d hate to think we really live in a world where someone politely calling out that you look good is considered a bad thing. Have women really lost the ability to deal with this sort of communication? And we’re not even talking about cat calls.

    Again, as per your last sentence if that’s what really in most women’s thoughts then our society is very very ill.

  4. I agree with the Admin on this one and his latest comments.
    Like they say men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Two different ways of viewing the same thing.

  5. I have known many strong and capable women, my Mother was one.

    In the Woodroffe Campus of Algonquin College an area of vending machines became known more commonly as “Vulture Alley”. “The Guys” that hung out there would verbally and visually assault just about any female who passed by and then comment to one another regarding their incredible wit.

    One lunch time my Mother, who was part of the administration team, passed through Vulture Alley and as she walked by “The Boys” a brooch she was wearing opened up. As my Mother fixed the clasp a guy stepped up in front of her and in a loud voice asked her if she needed “help with those” (her breasts) and then glanced back towards his buddies. My Mother took a small step back gave him a look from head to toe and then in a equally strong voice advised him “Thank you, but it would appear that you are not quite man enough yet”. My Mother then continued on her way as the guy crashed and burned behind her.

  6. This isn’t harassment, it’s called mating of a species. What does this lady propose? Online dating? ha!

  7. I heard about this video listening to CBC Radio as I was driving home from work last week .. apparently the guy (Bliss) who shot the video edited out a lot of the white guys who were making comments to her leaving open the possibility of some racial aspect to this as well.

  8. Has anyone else notice the racial bias in the original video?

  9. They should provide the raw video, so we can see if there is indeed a racial bias. Providing only a snippet of the video does not provide a true representation of what may have happened.

  10. This is sad
    No wonder women feels so under attack they don’t report a monster like Jian Gomeshi
    Nobody should be subjected to this behaviour
    I have always been glad to have sons not daughters as each time they leave home don’t have to worry about cat calls date rape sexual assault et al
    Men need to take some responsibility for their actions just look at the giant cluster ffup at Mount Cascades Halloween night..roofies 16 yr old girls found half naked grow up guys

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