Senior’s Situation Room By Dawn Ford – Kudos To Spinners & A Tiger’s Tale NOV 3, 2014

DawnFord_SSRCFN – The Canadian Hearing Society has opened an office at 4 Montreal Road. Some years ago, probably early 90’s, I was on a board with the late Dorris Turner to open a CHS office in Cornwall. It was located for some time in the old HDH Nurses’ Residence on York Street.

The building is gone now making room for the St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Center. It is great that we have an office again in Cornwall. I went to see it but found that the office availability is by appointment only. They offer advice on devices and sales of these items as well as counselling, support and education. You can go on line to see their website or send an e-mail for more information at: or telephone 1-877-866-4445.

DF NOV 21If you see a cat going down the street with a little back pack and a sign that reads ‘homeless’ or’ for sale’, it is Tiger, big big baby. I have tripped over that cat quite a few times when I have opened the fridge and he tears in to sniff the celery. But the unthinkable has happened and action should be taken so that no one has to go through what I just experienced at the, rather, the nose..of this cat.

I was ready for him as I opened the fridge yesterday. He was not going to trip me again and I carefully watched out for him as I opened the fridge door. He dashed in and then, in a second, instead of sniffing the bin where the celery is, his nose hit another shelf and sent cascading down two plastic containers of blueberries.

As you know, these containers are not always that easy to open. Well, let me tell you, this time they both opened and to my shock and amazement, at least, it seemed, 150 blueberries dropped all over the cat, the inside of the fridge, the floor and under the fridge. I was soon stepping in mashed, squashed bluey-purple guck. The cat had a ball playing with them. I cannot repeat what I said to him because it is not ‘lady-like’ but I can tell you that the air, not only the floor, was ‘blue’. He knocked a few into the living room and then came back and watched me clean up his latest mess, looking somehow like a innocent little kitten. How that cat can charm me!!

Ok, I won’t send him out into the big,cruel, cold world homeless and alone but I need some respite time from his mischievous cat who thinks he is a puppy. Maybe I should put a sign on me and maybe someone will adopt me for awhile. Nah, then Tiger would be all by his lonely self. Anyway, we are friends and buddies again….till the next little antic of his!!


My brother Ron has been a resident of Heritage Heights Retirement Home for several months since he suffered a serious fall Christmas Day. On Sunday, family and friends gathered for his 80th. birthday at Spinner’s restaurant. It was a wonderful party to celebrate this great guy’s special day which was on Nov. 17th.

Special thanks to Barbara and her staff for making us so comfortable and for the great food. Chelsea was our waitress and a big thank you to her. Eva was also there to make sure we had a good supply of coffee. Kudos for a fun time for Ron and all of us.

Volunteers are needed at the Glen Stor Dun Lodge for their Meal time Assistants Program to help some residents with their meals to help ensure that they get adequate food intake and encouragement. Time commitment is a minimum of 1 hour per week.

Also, Day Program Volunteers are needed to assist with various activities once weekly from 10am to 3pm or 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. For more info contact Linda Geisel at 613-933-3384 ext. 4243.

The Meals on wheels Program is also in need of volunteers. The schedule is flexible with a minimum of once per month. Call 613-933-3384 ext. 4263 for more info.

One of my favourite words lately is ‘kerfuffle’. I don’t know why I like it so much but it seems so meaningful at times. It means commotion, fuss, ado, conflict. According to a website, it is a combination of Scottish, Irish and British from the 19th. century.

Here is another I couldn’t believe..’.bakku-shan’ which is a Japanese word explaining the experience of seeing a woman who appears pretty from behind but not from the front…. lol…what will we think of next??

Have a good week, Dawn

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  1. I love your stories Dawn, keep them coming.

  2. Dawn you have me in laughter just now about your cat getting into your refrigerator and especially about the blueberries all over the floor, etc. My daughter works as cashier and that happens where she works and the men in the back never want to go and clean up the mess. People were stomping all over the blueberries at the store. Put a bell around the cat’s neck and it will tell you when he/she is around to get prepared for the inevitable. LOL LOL. I saw the cat inside the box and that is cute. Take care and love those stories of yours.

  3. Thanks Jules. Great idea about the bell. It might save me from breaking my neck one day tripping over this celery addicted cat. I’m glad that you liked the story and it made you laugh.

  4. Dawn you are more than welcome and you bring back the better days of Cornwall. Having a little bell on the cat helps to know where he/she is located. I found that so cute with the cat trying to get its body in the box.

  5. I have known Tiger the cat who thinks he’s a dog for a few years and he is quite a character.From trying to fit in boxes that are too small [he is a big boy] to his fridge antics Dawn has her hands full of this fluff ball, but we love him. Carry on Tiger!

  6. Pat I thought about Jamie’s little Fitzy playing with your Tiger. Jamie has his pets well trained and love them. Just this morning while my husband and I were leaving the little dog on my street little Rudy a pomperanian dog that barks a lot was with his owner on a leash and looked at me in the car and wanted me to stop and pet him. We couldn’t stop and had to go. I love animals very much and could spend a whole day with them – I love their company. You and Jamie are lucky folks.

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