Cornwall River Kings on the Precipice – Team Confirms New Unconfirmed Owner in Press Release – NOV 23, 2014

Cornwall River Kings on the Precipice – Team Confirms New Unconfirmed Owner in Press Release – NOV 23, 2014

brock & darren fbCFN –  The Cornwall River Kings of the LNAH are jumping down the rabbit hole as the absurd gets more….absurd.  With the Season ticket and limited sponsor money gone the team is on the precipice of folding.

With expenses of approximately $200-$250K left in the season and attendance dropping like a rock the Brock Frost regime is clearly appearing to be by far the worst incarnation of the team.

One insider was fuming that the team this year was all about Mr. Frost and never about hockey.  Rumors are now swirling that Mr. Frost pulled a Jian Ghomeshi in the team office which has also resulted in the River Queens no longer participating.

One former insider estimated unless attendance improved dramatically that the team is set to lose over $125K for the balance of the season.

The league has not responded officially to any email query, but as the release below confirms have not sanctioned Mr. Madden.

The biggest buzz is whether Mr. Frost is fit to serve at City Hall after this charade that has many loyal hockey fans as upset with Frost as some alleged bad guys.  Mr. Frost also hasn’t confirmed if he used River Kings tickets to pay for some of his election expenses.

Here is the team’s press release:

“Despite publicly rejecting several offers, Brock Frost, who purchased the River Kings this past summer, has decided to divest majority ownership of the hockey club.

“The time has come for me to step back from the day-to-day operations of the team,” said Frost, “But the team is alive and well and financially strong.”

Darren Madden will become managing partner of the team. Madden has had several posts inside the Kings organization including Team Trainer, Director of Sales, Director of Merchandise, coordinating employee schedules and worked in partnership with the Booster Club as well as having spent three years with the Belleville Bulls in the Ontario Hockey League .

“What Brock has done for this team is admirable,” said Madden. “We all appreciate what he has done for the Kings and for his endless efforts to stabilize the team in our community.”

Madden stated that fan experience and overall enjoyment will be his main focus moving forward. “The River Kings are here to stay in Cornwall. This team is in partnership with the community … the support received so far has been tremendous.”

“It has come to the point where there is not much more I can do to help the team,” said Frost. “I have worked vigorously to keep the team in Cornwall and have streamlined a disciplined budget, promoted the new franchise in a new light and am very proud to have left the team financially strong for the new owner.”

“I explored and took all options into consideration,” said Frost. “I believe this route was the best choice, not only for me, but for the entire organization.”

“Absolutely nothing will change,” said Frost. “The team will remain in Cornwall, season ticket holders still have their seats, sponsors still have their sponsorships and players still have their contracts.”

When asked about the transition of ownership Madden stated, “I want to be gracious during this period and everything will remain status quo.”
“I truly believe that this is another big step in the right direction for the team,” said Frost.

Although the transfer of ownership has been legally completed through their attorneys, Madden and Frost will seek official league approval in early December.”

What do you think River Kings fans?  Will the team finish the season?  You can post your comments below.


Mr. Frost posted this on facebook just prior to our story today.

frost fb NOV 23 2014


Denis Boisvert from the LNAH confirmed that the league will not comment until the next Owners meeting on December 7, 2014

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