Francine Taillon Picks Up Her CEDARS ON WHEELS Prize in Cornwall Ontario – NOV 25, 2014

Cedars on Wheels NOV 25 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Smart Cookie Francine Taillon won our contest and was closest to the pin in our CFN election contest.  She collected her $25 gift certificate to Cedars on Wheels.   Pierre and MIA posed with her (Jey was busy manning the cash).


I had a Lamb Platter to go as I couldn’t stop in not take out one of their amazing offerings!   The restaurant has kept staff busy with demand for  their amazing and fresh selection of wraps and platters.   Find out why Cedars on Wheels is the most popular Shawarma spot in Cornwall!

They’re on the corner of Pitt and 3rd across from the Royal Bank

613 937 0777

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  1. Shawarma is very popular here in Ottawa and Canadians and Americans love the hummus and we eat hummus here at home and it is one of the healthiest things that you can eat. We gave up eating lamb a long time ago because of the fat on the lamb and my husband’s uncle who is now deceased used to prefer beef because of the fat on the lamb but it is a nice change. Being that my husband is Lebanese we eat some of the foods but we mostly eat Canadian since it takes a lot of preparation to make the Lebanese foods. This dish on the counter is making me hungry already. The Lebanese eat a lot of vegetables. I was after my husband to buy the squash and carve out the interior so as I can make the meat and pine nuts and other stuff to stuff it and so mighty good. Oh my God I stumbled on a spot that is my weakness. It is much easier to order out than what it is to make it yourself. Good food.

  2. Author

    Next time you’re in Cornwall Jules try Cedars on Wheels. Great food!

  3. Jamie I must do that. I used to see Paul (Boulos) at the mall downtown and he has the Cedars little restaurant there. He lives in Ottawa and commutes and owns properties down there. Jamie I grew fat because I love to eat and we all love that food here in my household. There is a Shawarma Place just across from me next to where my daughter works and the Italian ladies who are hairdressers nearby love the pita wraps and all the foods. I have a can of chick peas in the cupboard just now and we use that with the Sesame Paste. I have the recipe for Sesame Paste without having to go to Ottawa or Montreal for it. I saw the Pita Bread on the counter YUM that is one of the things that got me so fat. I love it and my waistline paid the price. Great food.

  4. Jules will love this one…..Cedars on Wheels is almost right across from city hall on Pitt Street.

  5. Now I know where that is situated. That food is getting me fat just looking at it – you are all driving me crazy. YUM. When we came back to Ottawa eleven years ago my son went to eat Shawarma and so many around the city. There is a way of making it at home without that special machine and I copied the recipe from a Lebanese/American lady in the US. The veggies, the desserts. Oh speaking about desserts they are extremely sweet. One time my husband tried these cookies that you stuff with nuts and some with dates and they turned out like hockey pucks and they could have done the job. He later learned how to make them the right way and I have the cookie mold for it purchased at a Lebanese specialty store.

  6. Yea cedars on wheels is so much better then the cedars in the cornwall square

  7. The two places have different owners. The original owners of “Cedars” at the Cornwall Square now own “Cedars on Wheels.” They sold the Square location a while back.

  8. WOW! That is some news for me since I haven’t been to the square for quite some time. Paul (Boulos) might have business now in Ottawa.

    My husband and I were at Billings Bridge this morning talking to his friend who is also his distant cousin Mario and about old times and the horrible times in the Middle East. My husband was in tears with Mario about what will happen to Lebanon and Mario told him to forget the past since it is too painful and that Canada is the best country in the world.

    Lebanese food is delicious and healthy. We sure do have to stop in there one day when we go down.

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