LNAH President Michel Godin Comments on River Kings Ownership Mess – NOV 25, 2014

brock & darren fbCORNWALL Ontario – Who owns the Cornwall River Kings?  According to LNAH league President Brock Frost still does in spite of the team’s press release this weekend.

One league insider stated that the League are frustrated with the circus of what’s happened this season under owner Brock Frost who took shots at previous ownership as the reason why the team had struggled in the past.

The release made clear that Mr. Frost is the sole owner at this stage for any any changes to occur that a submission would have to be reviewed by the Board of Governors.

The release points out that Mr. Frost has agreed to respect the league by laws.

Brock Frost nor Darren Madden responded to this story.  Attendance for the River Kings has plummeted since rumblings of the sale leaked and then Mr. Frost issued his release.  The team’s accountant quit the team over what she termed ethical issues with new owner Darren Madden.

In spite of the release from the River Kings the LNAH stated that no request for an ownership change has been submitted.

Fans have been expressing their own frustrations feeling that the purchase of the team was a publicity stunt to help Mr. Frost get elected to council.  Several contractors to the team are also upset, especially as some have been notified that their services will no longer be used which will cause them financial hardship.

Original release en francais:

La LNAH tient à faire le point dans le dossier des River Kings de Cornwall suite à tout ce qui a pu être écrit ou lu sur les différents médias sociaux au cours des derniers jours.

«À l’heure actuelle, le seul et unique propriétaire des River Kings de Cornwall est Monsieur Brock Frost. Aucune demande n’a, à ce jour, été acheminée en bonne et due forme à la direction de la Ligue pour soumettre au bureau des gouverneurs l’analyse d’un transfert de propriétaire, a indiqué le commissaire de la LNAH, Michel Godin. Monsieur Frost a convenu de respecter la réglementation et la constitution de la Ligue. S’il souhaite déposer une demande de changement de propriétaire, le tout devra être fait dans les règles et entendu par le bureau des gouverneurs.»

Aucun autre commentaire ne sera émis dans ce dossier.

Source :

Denis Boisvert

V-p communications LNAH

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  1. I think brock frost will provide this paper a lot of great stories over the next four years.

  2. The Kings have upcoming games this week-end ! This might be the turning point ? Just to be fiscally responsible, I’ll wait till game time to buy my tickets ! I really enjoy the hockey, but this constant drama & soap opera style antics, I could really do without ?
    As “Hugger” said ” the circus continues” !

  3. Author

    Looks like Brock is looking for help again. I was surprised he was lucky enough to get his last one as she’s bright and awesome. Guess things don’t work out sometimes. You can check out Brock’s ad on Kijiji.

    I am a real estate agent, investor and City Councillor.

    I am looking for someone to help manage my rental property business (collecting rent, drafting leases, placing ads, showing properties, etc), assist with my career as a Realtor and perform personal errands/office work.

    $15/hour with raise to $18/hour after three months, if qualified.

    Must have very strong organizational skills, versed in bookkeeping and experienced in office management. Experience in real estate is an asset but not necessary.

    Hours are flexible. Approximately 20-25 hours per week increasing to full-time in 3 months.

    Office is fully equipped and includes parking. Located in Cornwall.

    This ad was posted with the Kijiji mobile app.

  4. Jason, “I think brock frost will provide this paper a lot of great stories over the next four years.” So far Jason, Frostie has provided the media with all kinds of bizarre drama ? I think “great stories” might be a tad over-blown ? He hasn’t even been sworn in yet ! lol
    The circus continues ?

  5. When I think of Brock Frost being taken out by ambulance I think about the funny movie (I forget what it is called) that Jamie had on one time when Guy Lauzon sent a man who was alive a condolence of being deceased. I am laughing so hard here picturing this happening. Frosty sure is full of drama. He must also be very hard to work for.

  6. Author

    Yes Jules he is. I sent out an interview request to all of the candidates and he replied asking me to not email him any further. I explained its part of my job and his being an elected official. The problem with the last council was a lack of courtesy and professionalism in dealing with the media. Brock may hate me and still owe cfn money but that should have nothing to do with our viewers

  7. like i said before, hold him to his promise to give his salary to charity if he gets in on council and see if he is a liar

  8. If Frosty is generous to give his salary to charity we have to see if this happens. Usually frugal people are tight with their money – seeing is believing.

    Jamie I could see that Frosty is hard to work for and he looks the type – demands more than he gives. A lot of times you work for a place nor more than 3 months so they can let you go at any time. Most jobs today are only part time and low wages. This is a good salary that Brock is providing for his employee and they shouldn’t kick about it because there are no jobs. If you work for agencies here in Ottawa they take a huge chunk of your salary and you are finished after a certain time and pounding the pavement looking for something else.

  9. I’m not a close follower of the Cornwall and area political scene, but I have to wonder if Frosty the Showman and Tammy-Faye Hart are related. They both seem to be seriously addicted to the spotlight.

  10. In one of my posts I said that Frosty would make quite an actor because he loves an audience. He sure makes a spectacle of himself. Taking an ambulance to the hospital because he cannot face an audience. He is in real estate dealing with all kinds of people and how can he do his job in real estate and can’t face people – that is mighty strange indeed. I would hate to see how he would react when he has to deal with people’s problems on counsel. God help Frosty if he thinks that politics is a piece of cake. He sure would be in the wrong field. Get the paramedics ready as well as his audience. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  11. I hate to premature schadenfreude, but I can’t help it. He’s gonna be Ghomeshied.

  12. Author

    He has now pulled himself off of facebook. He’s literally failing media and public relations 101.

  13. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Brock Frost and the circus that is the Cornwall River Kings. If the allegations are true of what might have happened in the office I think he may become infamous soon.

    It seems this season it’s all been about Brock Frost owning the RK’s, not the product on the ice.

  14. Mr. Editor,

    The picture of Brock Frost, at the top of this article, who is the child pictured with him ? Is that his son ? Just curious .

  15. Prince (formerly known as by a symbol) also has removed himself from Facebook. Some believe that it may be only be a publicity stunt.

  16. Mr Frost
    Pulling himself off Facebook is a smart move!!
    Look what that social media outlet did for Ghomeshi
    CBC offered to let him slink off into the night
    Instead, being a tad pompous, he decided to write a huge essay on Facebook that may lead him straight into a Jail cell. At least one woman who saw his one sided story online came out to the media. Then a tidal wave of victims sunk Ghomeshi
    His new high priced lawyer would like to reverse time and make his post disappear but its way too late the damage has been done.
    The post has since been deleted but lives on forever on the net.

  17. Clyde Barrows, the person with Brock Frost, is Darren Madden, the new River Kings owner theoretically.

    Facebook being used for publicity stunts?? No way!!

  18. When people called Frosty a circus they sure were not kidding when you see Frosty and next to him is a little midget. When we were in Cornwall and we went at the back of the Civic Complex there was a tiny trailor I guess to throw in Frosty’s little friend in the picture. It had the writing on the little trailor about the River Kings. I said to myself if they have to stoop so low to drag that tiny trailor around and thinking how frosty is thrifty this answers it all. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  19. Hey thanks “Hugger”, I thought he was a young kid in the stands ! Are you really sure about that ?
    “Jules” I’m still laughing from your last comment ! God bless you !
    P.S: what does rolf stand for ?

  20. Clyde, It means rolling on the laughing floor. You must be new here.

  21. Correction Jamie to the song:

    Everybody Loves a Clown by Gary Lewis and the Playboys


    I am still singing and dancing in my chair this time and not trying to pull something out of place while standing. LOL LOL. ROLF! The song is on youtube for all to listen to. I go by the title and plenty of old songs by this man. Gee how we age and it sure crept up fast on me. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  22. 420 do you mean Ghomeshied or GNOMESHIELD. More like Gnomeshild. LOL LOL.

  23. I tease my daughter before she leaves as cashier and a few days ago I said to her “are you going to call the paramedics” because he is a cashier just now. She told me “mom if I had to call the paramedics on my job it would never end for what I have to deal with” and we had such a good laugh about Frosty. She had a hard time to believe that he was in real estate.

  24. 420 it must be Gnomeshield since Martha Stewart and her ex wrote a book about Gnomes a long time ago. She would be our expert. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  25. Frosty would be the Ghomeshield but the little guy would be the little Gnomeshield. The gnomes are those little characters that you sometimes see as décor on people’s lawns. LOL LOL. That Jian Ghomeshi sure is something but don’t forget folks that this goes on everyday in life and Ghomeshi is just asking for the spotlight on him just like Frosty. Lets see how fast Frosty runs when the spotlight is on him at council. Get the paramedics ready to pick him up.

  26. I don’t see how Darren Madden can be any worse of an owner than Brock Frost. I don’t think the comparisons to Jian Ghomeshi is fair unless someone comes forward with accusations AND proof.

  27. Hugger I am not comparing Frosty or the midget to Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual abuse at all. What I am referring to is to be in the spotlight. Cornwall is renowned throughout the country as a town of sexual abuse and fraud. It is something that this stink cannot be erased at all. No I am not referring to Frosty as Ghomeshi’s sex abuse but as an actor who seeks the spotlight.

  28. Does it really matter who “owns” a team of goofs who chase a piece of rubber around a rink with sticks? Could anything matter less?

  29. Furtz the same thing with golf, baseball and such things there is no sense in it for those of us who have no interest in such a thing. There are those who like that sort of thing and good for them. It is not mine nor yours so we have our own interests.

  30. Change has started. This will not be an overnight process.

    Yes, there are things that matter less Furtz. Some of us like watching players chasing a frozen piece of rubber o frozen water. Why Ottawa is getting an LRT system is beyond me. The city is too small for it.

  31. Hugger in a way I agree with you about LRT but in another Ottawa needs it mostly those who live in Orleans, Navan, Cumberland, etc. and their jobs are in the far west. The people cannot get out to their jobs on time and taking a car if they have one costs an arm and a leg in gas, parking, etc.

    About Cornwall already changing no it hasn’t started yet and just the new mayor and counsil alone is not enough to make the changes – it takes the entire population of Cornwall to make the changes and get active.

  32. Orleans, Navan and Cumberland with LRT?? Not in this lifetime. It’ll be years before anything out of the deemed “core” areas get LRT. These things never come in on time or budget. This is a huge mistake they are making trying to act like a big city.

    Agreed on change….the whole population has to want it. The election indicated that.

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