LNAH President Michel Godin Comments on River Kings Ownership Mess – NOV 25, 2014

LNAH President Michel Godin Comments on River Kings Ownership Mess – NOV 25, 2014

brock & darren fbCORNWALL Ontario – Who owns the Cornwall River Kings?  According to LNAH league President Brock Frost still does in spite of the team’s press release this weekend.

One league insider stated that the League are frustrated with the circus of what’s happened this season under owner Brock Frost who took shots at previous ownership as the reason why the team had struggled in the past.

The release made clear that Mr. Frost is the sole owner at this stage for any any changes to occur that a submission would have to be reviewed by the Board of Governors.

The release points out that Mr. Frost has agreed to respect the league by laws.

Brock Frost nor Darren Madden responded to this story.  Attendance for the River Kings has plummeted since rumblings of the sale leaked and then Mr. Frost issued his release.  The team’s accountant quit the team over what she termed ethical issues with new owner Darren Madden.

In spite of the release from the River Kings the LNAH stated that no request for an ownership change has been submitted.

Fans have been expressing their own frustrations feeling that the purchase of the team was a publicity stunt to help Mr. Frost get elected to council.  Several contractors to the team are also upset, especially as some have been notified that their services will no longer be used which will cause them financial hardship.

Original release en francais:

La LNAH tient à faire le point dans le dossier des River Kings de Cornwall suite à tout ce qui a pu être écrit ou lu sur les différents médias sociaux au cours des derniers jours.

«À l’heure actuelle, le seul et unique propriétaire des River Kings de Cornwall est Monsieur Brock Frost. Aucune demande n’a, à ce jour, été acheminée en bonne et due forme à la direction de la Ligue pour soumettre au bureau des gouverneurs l’analyse d’un transfert de propriétaire, a indiqué le commissaire de la LNAH, Michel Godin. Monsieur Frost a convenu de respecter la réglementation et la constitution de la Ligue. S’il souhaite déposer une demande de changement de propriétaire, le tout devra être fait dans les règles et entendu par le bureau des gouverneurs.»

Aucun autre commentaire ne sera émis dans ce dossier.

Source :

Denis Boisvert

V-p communications LNAH

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