The Puck Bunny & Sleazebag Councilor – As the River Kings Turn by Jamie Gilcig – Will Fans Fill Council Monday Night? DEC 5, 2014

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CORNWALL Ontario – Ashley March is upset I referred to her as a “Puck Bunny” in a story I wrote where I actually gave her some….exposure, quoting from one of her pieces.   Could you imagine a reasonable person drawing a conclusion like that from pictures like the one above?

CFN gave Ms Ashley one of her early writing opportunities, but politics being politics in Cornwall she abruptly left working with us to do so on her own site and contributing here and there.

Photo above of Ms March:Facebook

Her response, if one was even necessary to my piece was to actually go on twitter and say she was harassed.

ashley march twitter 1

She repeated her tweets a few times until things caught fire and nearly 100 tweets from people floated out into cyber space.

That resulted in one of her “fans” emailing several of our advertisers.

To whom it may concern:
I noticed that your company pays for ad space on the Cornwall Free News and would like to bring some a recent action of theirs to your attention so that you can reconsider advertising with them. On December 4th an article was posted by the Editor in Chief of the website concerning the sale of of the River Kings. In this article he referred to local hockey reporter Ashley March as a “puck bunny”. Pucky Bunny is a term used to describe a women who goes to hockey games to try and sleep with the hockey players. To use this term when speaking of anyone is incredibly sexist and disrespectful, but to use it to describe a journalist who the CFN was citing for their article is downright appalling. Make no mistake, if Ms. March had been a man she would not have been referred to in such a manner and frankly if I were you I would not want my name attached to a publication that says such things of anyone. The CFN’s blatant sexist comment is intolerable. I ask and suggest that you let the website know this by pulling your advertising from their site rather than be associated with sexism.
-Alec Joy
Of course Ms March is no feminist champion.   She was on the executive of the now defunct Cornwall River Kings Booster Club.   A team that employed scantily clad girls and women (no men) and of course in all her writings didn’t mention why the girls left the team.
With over 20,000 tweets Ms March pretty much knew that by crying out for help in the manner she did that an avalanche would ensue and the minor one shows that sexism definitely exists, but not from this media outlet.
Having worked with the Habs and NHL athletes I can tell you that many players would be concerned about behavior like hers.
Would she complain about sexual harassment if she didn’t get an interview from a player to or was having a bad day?  Could she be trusted?
Being a good journalist is about trust with your sources.  You don’t burn them and the threat of being a “Cry  Baby” is not good for a future in the biz.  When I worked in hockey some of the best stories came in the VIP circle at Chez Parée during the 90’s. (where I was trusted and welcome)
Likewise, is encouraging or not stopping people from behaving like her fan boy Alex from NY above fair dinkum?   Should we all contact the TD bank where she works and close our accounts because of her childish actions?  Should we track down all those very silly people on twitter calling for me to be “fired” or to contact our advertisers and see if their employers agree with their behavior?
Women have worked in pro sports for years.   This isn’t pioneering.  There have been some that have paved the way and endured what are games played by little boys run by big boys.   There are rules and customs to observe, by all.   If you look at Ms March’s open facebook page you see mostly cleavage shots.  Those are choices that women who want to work in male dominated sports make.  Most good ones don’t.   They want to be respected for their work and not their breasts.
The point is that while she works hard, what she did was wrong on far more levels than any possible offense she may have felt from being referred to as a puck bunny which surely should not be a death penalty worthy crime.   She sets back the cause of women in sports by lashing out in the manner she did.
Sadly she focused more energy on this than on the real scandal that is Cornwall City Councilor Brock Frost who allegedly knows all about Puck Bunnies and other lapins.
She also supported him herself with quotes like this from JUNE 9th:
Kudos to Councilor Brock Frost (Yeah, he’s running for council but I’m going to call it now and say he’s earned a spot at the round table), and whoever helped him along his way to keep the blue, red and white of the River Kings on course. The real work starts now.
 And these kind of quotes helped use River King fans to get him elected.  Those same fans now he’s turned his back on after selling them a budget team.
And this from Ashley in JULY

I made a comment on the Cornwall River Kings fan page when Brock Frost bought the team. I said to make sure that there were the right hockey minded people in place. Now, I believe he has that.

Frost announced today that Rick Lalonde has come in as the new General Manager with long time Cornwall hockey veteran Al Wagar being his assistant. Here are two guys with enough hockey knowledge to build from. Sure, they may not have had their two cents into the LNAH for very long but they take their jobs seriously and won’t crumble under pressure. They aren’t afraid to get their toes dirty.

Lalonde was rumored to come in as head coach. Those rumors were put to rest with Frost announcing that they are still in the process of electing one which is great news. Lalonde has an extensive career coaching Junior A in Quebec but with all due respect (he is good at it), the LNAH is an entirely different breed of hockey and entertainment all together.

As for the fans and the comments I’ve read. Of course, they’re warranted and you deserve the right to voice your opinion, no one’s telling you not to. Humor me though and take a step back from those comments. Realize that a few months ago we didn’t even have a team. If it wasn’t for Brock Frost, you wouldn’t be making those remarks. GM’s come and go, coaches come and go.

And if anyone ran counter to this they were ballyhooed.
Only now that Frost has made Ashley and her buddies like the Papineau’s look worse than they are is she going hard after him.
Brock-TRUCK-800x450Brock ran to his fave sympathetic media outlet and let flow and spewing of the brown stuff.  The good news is that the team “should” be playing this weekend and wounded fan fave Chris Cloutier might even be back!

“I have lost $37,500 to date with the River Kings,” Frost said. “The notion that I bought the team in order to win a seat on council, which pays $15,000 a year, that in turn I am donating to charity is absolutely absurd.”

Frost stands to shell out even more money on the team. In an email he suggested he will cover the bills in advance of Saturday’s home game versus Sorel-Tracy.

“This includes player salaries, staff salaries and any other costs,” Frost said.

Frost’s missive, which was circulated online Friday morning, did little to quell critics, many of whom are openly questioning Frost’s motives and honesty.

“Hockey is a strange business and people in this town love to gossip,” Frost said when asked about the criticism. “I bought the team because I saw huge community benefit and great business potential. I sold it because I learned quickly that I do not enjoy the business at all.

“Too much stress and too much time with almost no reward. I would much prefer to focus on real estate and politics.”

Well it is his team even after the embarrassing charade he dumped on the public yesterday.  I mean a good business man would look at projections before buying a team right?  They wouldn’t try to pawn it off on some fan boy to ditch on the community while stealing his home, would he?   Or give the team credit card to someone that had to borrow food money?  That would be utterly crazy and unprofessional right?


There is buzz that Brock is refusing to pay  the players during the alleged period that Darren Madden didn’t really own the team.


His team did have this community buy season tickets, support via advertising, and sponsorship.  The players made commitments too.  Could you imagine Brock toughing it out like this?  🙂   His own quote makes one wonder what is his behind his zest to be on council as he’s not concerned about the $15K salary that he’s stated he’s giving away to charity.


The big question is who’s been funding him and what do they expect from him now that he’s on council?


I think it was also summed up real well by Steve Simoes in an interview with Ms March in her fine blog.

The issues of this team have always been about power struggles.

In the first season we had a few members of the staff that believed he could do everything, from equipment to GM to coaching to office duties and so on. The guy behind the desk didn’t just want that job, he wanted to be the GM; the guy who did the equipment wasn’t happy with just that and thought he could be GM too. Anyone with a JOB or DUTY, wasn’t happy with their situation and always wanted what the other person had.

For Christs sake, just do your JOB or DUTY. We are a team, from the big guy to the little guy.

There was rumours of potential investors, but all these potential investors came with a twist. They were either connected to one or the other guy who wanted to be GM or the “head honcho”.

This is what we all should be focusing on because until this kind of weirdness changes the team will not see success.


It’s ironic that while Frost criticized previous ownership he’s nearly destroyed the team.   Deeper irony is the one common theme among all of the incarnations of this team is one Mitch Gagne who Mr. Simoes just might be talking about.


What’s clear is that until people in Cornwall learn to work together, especially in the hockey world, this will be the result.


The buzz is that council will be filled Monday night with booing River King jersey wearing fans (last year’s jersey’s mostly as many haven’t received this years yet) .


Darren Madden still is missing.


What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. “Puck Bunny and exposure” for sure. “He shoots he scores” and I am not talking about the hockey net here. LOL LOL. ROLF! This is so funny that I cannot stop laughing. You people in Cornwall have no idea what other towns and cities think of you and one lady had a terrible insult when she brought her daughter to Ottawa U and was in the dormitory when her room mate came out with something that you would not want to hear and she told a lady in Cornwall about it and I heard it and there is something that I came across on the net about the people of Cornwall and the exact same words that she was called. Don’t ever criticize Jamie nor Hugger nor Mr. Oldham or anyone from another town or city because you have no idea that these are good people and who wanted to live in Cornwall of all places. I told my family that if I died and that they would bury me down there that I would come back and haunt them for every minute of their lives. I would not live in Cornwall dead or alive I promise you that. Jamie is a mighty polite man and you all don’t deserve him and Hugger has never spoken a bad word against Cornwall but I have. I sure get on Huggers nerves as well as Jamie’s and only now and then that I agree with Hugger and put up a gold star which is rare. You all have no idea what others think and you all don’t know what is coming very soon and something that I knew for many years. Cornwall is finished and these good men are trying to find something good to say about it except for yours truly and I will never forget the living hell that we went through in Cornwall and never to repeat ever again.

  2. This gets stranger and weirder all the time.

    In regard to Ashley March….you cannot post the pictures she does on Facebook and not expect some comments like those that were posted.

    Now onto the ownership of the River Kings. I thought all the paperwork was done and the sale was completed? Now Brock, either the sale was completed or it wasn’t. Which is it? If the paperwork has been completed and all you were waiting for was league approval doesn’t that mean Darren Madden owns the team? As far as I know you simply cannot undo a team sale.

    As for Monday’s city council meeting….it’ll be interesting as this is the first one. Will the new mayor let a personal issue of one of the councilors take over the council business by disgruntled fans? Time will tell.

  3. And he still has the gall to say he didn’t buy the team to help his political ambitions. Time to stop lying to the taxpayers of Cornwall and yourself Brock.

  4. the first thing he did is lied to the people of cornwall we are tired of this bull in my hart i know we want a change he is young mayby, smart but he broke the first rule of business he lied. i have been in the service bussiness for over 45 years and i sleep good at night. one lie lead too another lie to another lie

  5. Ernie and Bert srike again!!( see above comments).

    Enlightening the ignorant masses with their pearls of wisdom from on high. Gosh darn it, we are oh so lucky to have them pontificate to us with their superfluous and yet elegant commentary.

  6. Ice Bunny, kind of like the title given to the girls selling beer at the hockey games.There no diffrent than the girls serving the poker players at playground poker,or the hooter girls at hooters or even the playboy bunnies at heffs.
    We all no sex sells, even the girls that take the jobs no this,it goes with the territory.As for brock like i said what a brock of shi-


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    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.

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  8. So why do woman get the Playboy bunny tattooed on themselves if it depicts a very sexual following? Why do woman dress up provocatively and paste on social media..if it depicts a sexual following? Woman are allowed to do this, but men are not allowed to comment? Good grief, this has been going for decades, and will continue to go on, yet woman commenting on fireman jocks in suspenders only is fully accepted. Is the word Jocks allowed? or is it condescending to men ? Riots in the streets? protests now? Jocks and Puck Bunnies afoot…you have to laugh! Even a comment here offended by other comments! (this is the comment section isnt it?) No wonder Jamie has a field day with all these top guns..!

  9. Jules, how ignorant to say everyone in Cornwall is the same. Do you go around and say the same thing about other people? Like blacks? Do you say all blacks are the same? It’s ignorance in it’s truest form. No one cares what you think of Cornwall, so why not just stay on topic.

  10. I’d like to see Jamie outside a hotel room wearing fish stockings and a “Subban” jersey..or is that racist?

  11. I’d be happy just seeing Jamie in fishnet stockings.

  12. Author

    geez Wow! Maybe we should do that for charity? I can do the Lindros and Fishnet thing and raise some money for a good cause? Are you ready to write the first cheque for $100 🙂


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    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.

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  14. Wow you have been nipping into the ouzo and straight up without the water added to it. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie in fish net stockings of all things this we have to see. LOL LOL. ROLF! I sure wouldn’t be found in that at my age.

  15. Lindros sweater and fishnet stockings? My eyes, my eyes!!

  16. Maybe I would have to show up looking a little like Phillis Diller in fishnet stockings and everyone having heart attacks. Get the paramedics ready for this episode. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  17. The only underwear that I would be able to wear is granny underwear. LOL LOL. Now where can I get a pair? ROLF! One would have to be intoxicated to get up and do that as well as to watch it. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  18. I’ll take a pass on that visual. ROLF ROLF etc.


    Comment policy reminder

    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.

    We value all input from our amazing CFN viewers and are always trying to improve the viewer experience which includes making this a safe, informative, and entertaining platform.

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    So regarding the picture, I dont know the purpose of it but if that picture is supposed to represent something, it defintly doesn’t represent the river kings. Secondly, pointing out that a woman wearing scanty outfits is not sexist, this is a last resort of saving face. The lady in the picture is obviously looking for attention not to mention shes wearing a Lindros jersy, what does that have to do with the river kings? Fishnets, short shorts? Again, What was the purpose of the photo. Can someone explain whats going on here? Why is everyone so upset?
    Im not picking sides btw. Just curious about the situation

  20. Dan…I think you hit the nail on the head. It appears this journalist is doing as you suggested, looking for attention (and getting it for all the wrong reasons. BTW, she could have picked a better picture. When did Eric Lindros last play professional hockey? 2007?

  21. This woman in the fish net stockings and Lindros jersey is looking for something alright and it sure is more than attention and is no journalist at all. More like looking for action – he shoots he scores.

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