River Kings to Go Wolf Hunting at Civic Complex Saturday Dec. 13, 2014 in Cornwall – LET’S FILL THE HOUSE!

River Kings SATa


Captain Steve Simoes and the River Kings will be back and fighting for our City’s Honor against the 3L of Riviere du Loup

Saturday December 13th at 7:30 PM.

This will be the first game for the team under new owner Steve Moreau

After what the team has endured this season under its previous owner it’s time for River Kings



Special intro and puck drop ceremony before the game!

Cornwall let’s show Mr. Moreau what a hockey town we are!

This is a special game as the River Kings are only four points behind the 3L!


  1. How much are tickets? And is it general admission or assigned seats?

  2. Author

    General admission. I think it’s $10 for adults. I hear a local editor will be introducing the new owner and dropping the first puck 😉

  3. Thanks Jamie. I may go to the game. I don’t know if the boss would though. There’s a kid’s Christmas party tomorrow. I love my granddaughter. But putting me in a room with a few hundred screaming kids would truly test my patience. After the party my wife may want to rest. I’m hoping the local editor is not Todd or Hugo. I don’t go to very many events at the arena. Those seats are really uncomfortable.

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