My Thoughts on Medical Marijauna After Federal Appeal Loss by Jamie Gilcig DEC 16, 2014

My Thoughts on Medical Marijauna After Federal Appeal Loss by Jamie Gilcig DEC 16, 2014

jg2CFN – Marijuana is a cash crop and not a small one; especially here in Canada.   The war on drugs has failed at just about every level.   It doesn’t really deter.  It costs society billions.   Essentially what it does is keep a lot of lawyers well paid and our criminal system busy.

Medical Marijuana has become the big buzz word here (pardon the pun), but frankly while the anecdotal evidence is strong enough to warrant proper independent scientific study surely there are many people seeking medical marijuana purely as a legal end around.

Likewise studies have shown negative results for people that started regularly usage at a young age and maintained heavy usage into adulthood.

I can’t say that I blame those folks.   Marijuana compared to alcohol or prescription drugs hasn’t led to as many, if any, actual deaths.  It might feel if you’re going to die if you get a really good body high; but you won’t.  (Damn those brownies!)

weedThe US sadly has beat Canada to the punch.   More states are legalizing pot and grabbing the cash.   I have mixed feelings on this.  Marijauna, especially today’s is harmful.  You can see a visible difference in people that use it heavily.   It isn’t harmless.    Should it be outlawed?  No, that clearly isn’t an answer, but it should be controlled, and taxed.   That of course is a whole other issue and a complicated one as weed is a cash crop and hard to control for the tax man.

We should communicate that children should not be toking anymore than kids should be downing a six pack of Molson’s after school.   And while that may happen, it probably shouldn’t.

1024px-Cadillac_Ranch-_Flickr_-_katsrcoolMarijuana has been glammified for generations now.   For every Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band there has been crap made too.   Today’s weed is not the weed of my youth.   I have been told by some people that smoking some strains of today’s week can be liking taking acid back in the 80’s.

With the courts telling the Federal government to lay off those that grow their own medical weed and with commercialization in the US it’s time for Canada to reconsider its position and come up with solutions.

I think Canada really needs to re-classify weed offences to the ticketable types.   The days of selective enforcement need to end as does the cost to policing and our over crammed court system.   It simply makes no sense.

As for Medical Marijuana.  Well if Weed cured cancer I think Bob Marley would still be putting out albums.  Are there benefits.  I think so, but again we need to separate the medial need with the simple circumvention which has actually retarded the movement forward for Medical Marijuana.

It’s time to remove the hypocritical veil of criminality of Marijuana in our legal system.    It’s not going away, but we should be protecting the public and making sure that what they do smoke is as safe as possible and that people know what they are smoking potency wise.

It’s time to let go of the past century and move forward.

What do you think CFN viewers?   Do you want to maintain the war on drugs or open things up?   You can post your comments below.

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