Cornwall Ontario – Black market Marijuana sellers are shaking their heads at the Province of Ontario’s plans for recreational retail sales of weed. Demand and ease of availability see prices as low as $50 per ounce for trimmings to only $100 per ounce for high quality BC bud. Yet theContinue Reading

VICTORIA BC – Let’s just say that, hypothetically speaking, the current black market in Canada is based on three models of cultivation. The first model is the seasonal outdoor grower, the second is the hobby indoor grower and the third is the commercial indoor grower. Model one harvests every fallContinue Reading

  OTTAWA ONTARIO –   Dana Larsen is from Vancouver, owns two marijuana dispensaries, is the author of four books and a prior editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine. He is on a multi-city Canadian tour with a mission to discuss marijuana in terms of it’s history, legislation, adherents and critics.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Marc Emery has led an interesting crusade in the name of making Marijuana legal and accessible to Canadians. He, his wife Jodie, and his supporters,  along with others in the mostly BC led industry deserve thanks from all Canadians who think it’s insane for marijuana to be prohibitedContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario – In a nationally coordinated raid today, Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensary stores were singled out and attacked today. The Ottawa store was assaulted around 11 AM. At least five people including Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin and Britney Guerra were kidnapped and are being heldContinue Reading

Don Briere owns Weeds Glass & Gifts, a chain of over 20 marijuana dispensaries located in many cities through out Canada. He once went to jail for operating over 30 grow-ops using 77 thousand high pressure bulbs. Currently he signs many cheques, employs over a hundred people, and requires receiptsContinue Reading

In choral unison the macabre delirious Kings and Queens of dope , otherwise known as the Federal Marijuana Task Force, obsessed with narcotic fumes screamed in rage, “Get those green n*****s off Parliament Hill!” They put on their Hazmat suits and arc welding masks recently to observe top secret videoContinue Reading

One of the strongest positions that assisted Justin Trudeau in his majority victory was the Liberal party’s position to legalize Marijuana. Trudeau failed to defend Marc Emery’s extradition to the US that was more about industrial competition and advantage more than any other factor.  Allowing a Canadian citizen to beContinue Reading

Some agendas are more clear than others.    The Ontario government makes a lot of money off of the licensing of tobacco products.   In theory those monies are supposed to offset the high medical costs of traditionally smoked tobacco. E Cigs have grown exponentially with many using them asContinue Reading

My opinion on the new Liberal Majority in Parliament is, admittedly, skewed. Nine years living under the Harper yolk, watching my wife suffer with seizures, watching my own health fade, and watching the number of marijuana-related arrests increase every year, has left me jaded and bitter. Watching our new PM supportContinue Reading