It’s Time for Justin Trudeau to Show Up at 420 Ottawa by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 14, 2016

One of the strongest positions that assisted Justin Trudeau in his majority victory was the Liberal party’s position to legalize Marijuana.

Trudeau failed to defend Marc Emery’s extradition to the US that was more about industrial competition and advantage more than any other factor.  Allowing a Canadian citizen to be extradited for something that wasn’t breaking the law in Canada is way too……

Leaving that on the side it’s time for Mr. Trudeau and his government to step it up.

While the issue of legalization is complex and tricky there are far too many Canadians being charged for simple use.

Mr. Trudeau needs to show up at 420 and send a message to Canada and Canadian law enforcement.

While it may take time to properly legalize marijuana, it certainly can be decriminalized in the interim.

Does it make any sense to spend tax dollars on law enforcement and the justice system on charges for Marijuana if it’s going to be truly legalized?

Does it make sense for many in Canadian prisons for Marijuana offences to remain there?

This all comes down to money.   Marijuana is a huge business worth billions of dollars in Canada.  While most of it has been underground it’s starting to come above ground.

For those on medical marijuana they truly need to have the option to grow their own.  There are easy solutions to this for example, a plant permit where a medical user would pay a license fee for plant owned.   If there are a violations fines would be in order rather than a criminal record.

Canada can learn from Portugal, Holland, and the growing Green economy in the US where not only is medical use now legal, but as is recreational in many states.

The status quo, for example the ridiculous laws the Wynne government are proposing to pass are truly unacceptable, and clearly a cash and control maneuver.

Millions of Canadians are currently using Marijuana medically and for recreational purposes , and that will not change.

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It’s time for our Prime Minister to show leadership, rather than looking for another selfie photo opportunity and show up at Ottawa 420 this year.

And it’s time to stop clogging up the courts with Marijuana charges.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.



  1. A drug is a drug and I do not accept the legalization of marijuana at all nor any other kind of drug. We have enough drunks and drug addicts around and don’t need any more of them. When you leave Canada to another country you have to go by their laws.

  2. Trudeau has a full four-year term to implement the legalization (decriminalization) of cannabis. Working out the details for this, and other campaign promises, won’t be done overnight.

  3. He could take pot off the CDSA with a signature and stop people’s lives being ruined by a bust. I don’t think he ever had any genuine intention to legalize, I think it was a ploy to get votes. Worked for his dad…
    And we don’t need him at 420. 420 is a celebration of pot culture and as an enemy of pot culture, he has no business there.

  4. Trudo doesn’t need the pot heads votes since he has plenty of Muslims who will vote for him since he is bringing them all here. You think that it is only 25 or 50K well folks hold on to your chairs – he is going to bring in 325K or 350K and we have been talking about it on a site and it was written in the news as well. God Help Us All. Pot heads can go to pot.

  5. As Furtz said “Trudeau has a full four-year term to implement the legalization (decriminalization) of cannabis. Working out the details for this, and other campaign promises, won’t be done overnight.”

    In regard to the number of refugees Jules refers to….yes if you multiple 25-35,000 over 10 years that’s what you come up with. Harpoon Harper had the same idea. So……

  6. Hugger the wars in the Middle East will worsen over time and people of many countries in that area will have to leave. Many are breaking down doors to enter Canada and other countries including Christians and according to what my husband and others said Canada needs population in order to pay taxes, etc. We need medical doctors desperately and I mean as of ten or more years ago.

  7. The Liberal Parliament needs to step forwards and begin the process of legalization immediately. Thereafter, each province and municipality in this country can adjust to the new laws according to the desires and needs of their respective communities. It’s time to stop arresting people for cannabis usage.

  8. Just because people want in to Canada doesn’t mean they’re going to get in. Immigration needs to be thought out, not put together in a haphazard manner.

  9. Jules..Canada has the 2nd fastest growing Muslim population (outside of traditional Muslim nations) currently at 3.2% of our population. Muslims form the second largest religious group in Canada 2nd to Christianity. By 2030 Muslims will represent close to 7% of the Canadian culture. In few decades Muslims are predicted to be the dominant culture in Canada. Conservatives do not have a hope in hell.

  10. I doubt that Justin will show up for a selfie on the hill during 420. His promise of legalization given the volume of arrests since his ascension to power for simple possession is ringing hollow and while Canadians arguably are gullible they are not completely stupid.

  11. Hugger1…you state that “immigration needs to be thought out”. Which party represents that concept? Personally I doubt very much that the Liberals will lose their political grip. The NDP will likely merge with the liberals in the next election (consider England). Start learning Arabic it will be more useful than French.

  12. As Furtz said “Trudeau has a full four-year term to implement the legalization (decriminalization) of cannabis. Working out the details for this, and other campaign promises, won’t be done overnight.” This has to be done correctly, not rushed just to satisfy those who want it now.

  13. I was just thinking about something just now and it hit me thinking about Donald Trump. I was wondering if Donald Trump will stop Canadians going over to the US to shop or visit if he becomes president of the US. Trump is very racist and has a great deal of supporters and he is quite a character. Someone stormed the stage where he was giving his speaches and his life is in danger.

  14. Jules…any politician puts their life in their hands when they run for office. There are a lot of wackos out there. If Donald Trump gets elected the world, not just the U.S.A., are in for four testing years.

  15. Hugger you said that one right. Trump is quite a difference compared to the other people past and present. Hillary is mighty dangerous and I don’t say that lightly. Her past and present speaks for itself and you have to look into what she and Bill have done that would shock a lot of people here and she is mighty dangerous much worse than Trump and I am not just saying that.

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