OTTAWA ONTARIO –   Dana Larsen is from Vancouver, owns two marijuana dispensaries, is the author of four books and a prior editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine. He is on a multi-city Canadian tour with a mission to discuss marijuana in terms of it’s history, legislation, adherents and critics.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Marc Emery has led an interesting crusade in the name of making Marijuana legal and accessible to Canadians. He, his wife Jodie, and his supporters,  along with others in the mostly BC led industry deserve thanks from all Canadians who think it’s insane for marijuana to be prohibitedContinue Reading

One of the strongest positions that assisted Justin Trudeau in his majority victory was the Liberal party’s position to legalize Marijuana. Trudeau failed to defend Marc Emery’s extradition to the US that was more about industrial competition and advantage more than any other factor.  Allowing a Canadian citizen to beContinue Reading