Marc & Jodie Emery Jailed or Kidnapped? by Roy Berger BAIL Fund Raising MARCH 9, 2017

Ottawa Ontario – In a nationally coordinated raid today, Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensary stores were singled out and attacked today. The Ottawa store was assaulted around 11 AM.
At least five people including Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin and Britney Guerra were kidnapped and are being held for bail sometime tomorrow.
Meanwhile the green door is closed.
Kirk Tousaw is the the leading lawyer in the case and will be protecting all and any Cannabis Culture staff. Anyone who would like to contribute bail and funds to help shield citizens from a Kangaroo Court should send funds to: Kirk Tousaw, 3rd Floor, 303 West, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H6.
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  1. Good I am very happy that they are arrested. I read today where the cops were raiding the pot shops but didn’t read the entire thing but here on Jamie’s site I got good news. Keep those trouble makers in prison. The streets of Ottawa are full of drugs – everything is bad.

  2. @Jules. Only the most evil and corrupt can find enjoyment in another person’s downfall. If you really still believe cannabis is harmful “drug” I pity you for being such a feeble minded individual.

  3. Matt I am mighty far from evil and corrupt and I don’t take drugs at all. Canabis is harmful and I have seen a guy in high school strung out of his mind every day and that was back in the 60’s era. I know of a man in Ottawa where the drugs took his life and today canabis is laced with opiods so who is evil – only people like yourself. I live a good life and am not involved in any of this garbag

  4. Author

    Jules you just posted your “4200” approved comment on CFN 🙂

  5. Jamie “did I do that?” LOL LOL. That many approved? I can’t believe it since most don’t make it through even the good things – I must be doing something right or maybe wrong – who knows. I will let my little friend Fitzie be the judge.

  6. I have to make a correction Jamie the pot heads are released on $30K bail. I am tired tonight and seeing stars. No pot needed to see stars. LOL LOL. ROLF! I was joking with my daughter a while ago and my attention was wondering at other things.

  7. Jules, I always enjoy reading your comments. I don’t always agree but I do appreciate your views and your wisdom.

  8. Thank you Pete Walbee. Not everyone can agree on everything and we are all different just like the fingers on our hands. Life would be mighty boring if we were all the same and we have different opinions which makes things interesting.

  9. jules you have to stop the hate on you have no you 1100% wrong only the weed on the streets is laced you wanna talk trash about weed let me talk trash about you maybe you need all the lcbo’s shut down and the cigarette componys shut down and raided because drinking makes fools out of people and kills people and so dose smoking cigarettes smoking pot has helped me and not harmed me and the guy

  10. was high and wtf is this strung out its high and yeah people get high but making it illegal will make more weed polluted

  11. Trevor Oliver all drugs of all kinds is harmful and yes even simple legal cigarettes and alcohol. My husband bought me a bottle of Irish Cream and I only had two glasses of it (small glasses) and it is sitting on my buffet until God knows when to have a little glass again. If I were to become high Jamie’s pets would roll over literally with laughter that he couldn’t control them at all. LOL LOL

  12. Trevor Oliver my dad was a heavy drinker and a heavy smoker in his day. When I was a teenager and started to smoke cigarettes I got hell for it. My husband and son smoke cigarettes and they drink (not heavy just the odd drinks) and still mighty harmful. Everything is bad including the food we eat and the air we breathe today.

  13. Tevor Oliver it is true what you said that when you make something illegal then it becomes much worse. I just scanned quickly and briefly on where the pot shops are being invaded in Toronto as well. I only agree pot for people who are cancer patients and not for the general public. All those shops should be closed down.

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