HOLY GILLES LATOUR! Disgraced Former Prez Appears and Thanked at Year in Review – DEC 17, 2014

latour fbCORNWALL Ontario – Disgraced former Team Cornwall President Gilles Latour was actually thanked by current Team Cornwall President Peter Gault early this morning in what has to be one of the most bizarre public statements in light of the black eye Mr. Latour has given to the local business community.

Mr. Latour was present at the event at the Galaxy theatre.    The nearly 300 strong were present to review the year.

Mr. Latour is fighting over 60 police charges relating to his activities from a five month investigation into his actions at  Latour Wealth Management with fraud allegations nearing the $1M mark.  That investigation is still ongoing and police are still seeking more information.

Mr. Latour has ducked media since his charges and kept a low profile, but couldn’t resist appearing early this morning.

Most of the City Council appeared including criminal councilor Brock Frost.  Former mayor Bob Kilger was not in attendance.

Mr. Latour also left the board of the Max Keeping Foundation.

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  1. Are you freakin’ kidding me? If I were on Team Cornwall I’d want to distance myself as far away as possible from Gilles Latour.

    I’ve noticed that Brock Frost has been fairly quiet the last little while. Perhaps he’s figured out it’s best to remain in the background and do his city council job and not make headlines for unacceptable behaviour.

  2. Sure says a lot about values of Team Cornwall or I should say lack of,this brings a black eye to them as well & all of Cornwall.

  3. So many corrupted, frauds and liars coming out of Cornwall and they have the gall to look you straight in the face and lie to you one lie after another. Willie give some more room down in San Francisco because you have one that may join you down there and the other one will have to be in prison here unless he did some scamming to a Yankee and then you would have to move over some more. I am literally mighty ashamed of such a bunch in Cornwall and gives the town a mighty black eye. You cannot get any blacker the way things are and all these dirty perverts and thieves and liars must be rounded up and thrown away. Team Cornwall what a laughing joke that is. Frosty is remaining quiet but he is going to be next to be dragged through the mud and he knows it. Yankee jails are nothing that you fool around with and you can ask Willie the wise guy.

  4. It seems that corruption is Cornwall’s culture thanks to our elected representatives and their hangers on.

    But allow me to add one more “THANK YOU” to Gilles Latour… “FOR NOTHING!!!”

  5. Holy Balls Latour!
    Cheapens the team (coven).

  6. Simon….make that ex-elected representatives and their hangers on. It’s not an easy or quick process to change the culture of Cornwall. Let’s give our newly elected mayor and council some time before we put the blame on them.

  7. Maybe I’m a contrarian here but it seems everyone has convicted Gilles Latour for financial fraud. Last I saw he was charged but so far has not been convicted. Has the principle of innocent till proven guilty gone out the back door? And if it hasn’t, then Latour has every right to accept the thanks of his peers. A court will decide his fate, not public opinion.

  8. I guess they all feel sorry for poor old Gilles….what about his victims?
    How was it that within 24 hours of the original announcement of Gilles arrest was Team Cornwall able to make a forensic investigation into Team Cornwalls finances & find nothing wrong? Hasn’t anyone suggested that an independent auditor be brought in?

  9. Marc Pilote….yes, a court will decide his fate. But the court of public opinion will have their say, especially in Cornwall, as they have done so in so many other cases. And as David Oldham said….birds of a feather flock together.

  10. Yes absolutely that birds of a feather flock together and being that Holy Cow Gilles Latour is a friend of BOB and others then there is no real justice because those who lost their money with Holy Cow will get the shaft and Holy Cow will come out smelling like roses in Cornwall. Cornwall has no justice ONLY JUST US and that is a very big problem down there. Look at all the fraud going on and all done by those in high positions. Project Truth was a scam of a court – all money wasted for nothing when the guilty were set free. No justice at all in Cornwall, only the little people pay the price.

  11. Interesting to note that the CSF did not mention that Gilles Latour was there. Now, are they hiding something OR are even they embarrassed by him being there?

  12. Author

    CFN was the only media to report not only Mr. Latour being present, but Team Cornwall President Peter Gault thanking Mr. Latour. What do you call that?

  13. Admin….I’m presuming you’re meaning besides “stupid” for letting Gilles Latour in the door, let alone Peter Gaut thanking him. If I was TC president he wouldn’t have been invited or mentioned. I’ve noticed the Max Keeping Foundation has distanced themselves from Gilles.

  14. CFN is the only media where you hear the truth at least the vast majority of it whereas the two toilet papers of record SF and SN hide the truth from the sheeple who read it. CFN is the only paper to read.

  15. Gilles Latour’s office is still open. If they aren’t doing financial planning for people I wonder what they’re doing there. Maybe they’re planning the takeover of Mars?

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