CFN Commenter Jules Refuses to Be Interviewed for Christmas! – 19/12/14

questionCFN – Long time CFN viewers are familiar with “Jules”.     She’s a senior who grew up in Cornwall and now resides in Ottawa with her family.  She’s a frugal avid quilter who as she puts it, is far right of Stephen Harper and Bush.  (She never specifies which Bush though…)

Some strange people actually think that Jules is simply a character and that I am in fact Jules which is very very odd and shows a key reason why we need to keep Fluoride out of our drinking water.

I emailed Jules and asked her to do a phone interview.  I thought it’d be fun and interesting and finally lay some of those rumors to rest, but sadly Jules, whose real first name is Joy is shy.

Jamie I am so real that I am the real wackie Jules here with a real name Joy XXX XXXXX.  LOL LOL.  ROLF!  Let people thing what they want Jamie it will keep them all guessing.  I used the addie Jules on my quilting sites as well as my frugal sites and lately I have been using my real name on Pinterest.  Wacky Jules it is.  The only other Jules that I ran into on line was a beautiful dog in France that the owner put on her quilting site and I laughed – so cute and beautiful.
Jamie my good man make up anything you wish about me you are more than welcome.  I have such a very good time on your site and believe me you are the best there is.  Thank you so much for your offer.
Jules (Joy XXXXXXXX)
Tell them all that I am the only real wacky Jules who doesn’t need any chemicals to get her that way.  LOL LOL.  I am a natural.  You just can’t make it up because I am who I am wacky.  LOL LOL.  Go ahead and do what you like Jamie I give you full permission.  I would love to read some article on this and laugh to my heart’s content.  LOL LOL.  ROLF!

I gave it another shot and asked her again, especially as it’s the holidays.

Jamie I bet that I have a list of fans as long as your arm and longer.  No I won’t do an interview.  I am who I am and if they don’t believe you then they have a problem.  So many people go under “addies” and I don’t think that they have any questions about them – maybe because I am on the wacky side and keep them wondering.  That is a good one to keep them all in suspension.  Gee I love that one even more.  LOL LOL.  ROLF!  This is the best one yet.  I always tell my husband and grown kids that “I am the one and only”.  I even had my daughters co-workers laughing this morning when I went into the store to get a few things and told them that “I entered the realm of “One Who Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest” that was how busy it is and by daughter goes from 5:30 to 10:30 and will be even more crazy than ever.

Maybe if some our other viewers coax her she’ll be brave and do a phone interview with us.  I’ve had requests for Furtz to do an interview as well.

Jules final words before I hit the publish button.

Jamie you are a marvelous writer and that is the real truth.  Write whatever you wish and I will be with bells on reading your story.  Believe me Jamie I love reading your paper and have a great time commenting on it.  I am no writer of any sort and my English grammar and sentence structure and even mis-spellings and everything is atrocious.  Jamie I give you full permission to do as you please using my addy and anything you wish.  I am sitting here laughing about it and have to keep correcting my spelling since I am hitting the wrong keys with so much laughter.  Go ahead my good man – compose what you wish.  LOL LOL.  ROLF!
From your one and only wacky Jules

I’d like to wish all of our viewers and those that leave comments an awesome Christmas and Holidays!

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  1. While I think the interview would be interesting you have to respect her right to privacy. Ans if she is shy…..

  2. Author

    Absolutely Hugger.

  3. I had the actual pleasure to have met Jules at a Hudak meeting in Ottawa about a year back.Chris Cameron introduced her to me

  4. Now, that is hilarious! Are you sure you aren’t Jules, Jamie? Or Jules isn’t me? Or I’m not you? It’s all so confusing…
    ROLF ROLF LOL etc.

  5. Folks I am real and I am sitting here laughing like crazy. Jamie wanted to interview me and I told him to write anything that he wished and believe me Jamie is a very good man and I have all the liking and respect for him and without even meeting him in person (I hope that I will one day) I care very much what happens to him and I am a funny character in ways where I love to laugh and read what everyone puts down and everyone is trying to guess who I am. I live here in Ottawa South (considered to be a bad area which it is nowadays) and have been living in this area all my married life except for the time that we were in Cornwall. I googled the name Jules and came up with a site where a lady runs some sort of exercises for babies and I sat here laughing that I have arthritis and it sent me to bed early yesterday being so sore. I wonder if snow is on the horizon. LOL LOL. Every time it goes to snow or rain my old carcass acts up in pain. Yes folks I am a real person and I am originally from Cornwall and we left Cornwall back in 1975 for Ottawa and then went back to Cornwall in 1989 because of my mom in terrible health and died of cancer in 1993 and we spent some years in Cornwall before moving back here in December of 2004. We have been here ever since. Yes I am real and this is no joke. I just use an addy but I am real believe me. Jamie wanted to interview me but I told him no but he can write anything that he wants and I will be sitting here with bells on having a good laugh. Great article Jamie and love it as usual.

  6. Thank you for making me laugh out loud Jamie. What a great idea! LOL LOL

  7. Folks Jamie said my real name here (my given name) if you read and that is true. My mother sure got the right name for me when I was born. I am always happy and that is true. I have never forgotten the song by Petula Clark “Round Every Corner” some are happy and some are not just be thankful for what you’ve got and that is how I live. Happyness comes from within and no amount of money will do that for you. I have so much laughter on this paper that you would never believe possible. Wacky is what I am. LOL LOL. ROLF! I have so much laughter reading Dr. Furtz I presume. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  8. I re-read everything again and still laughing myself to pieces at this end. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  9. Laughter is the best medicine of all and boy did I ever have a good laugh at this one Jamie. Thank you. No I am not Jamie and Jamie is not me and I am not Furtz and Furtz is not Jamie – we are all unique in some way and wacky in others like myself. Every time I type something out here on CFN I have a great time and so much laughter that I make so many mistakes with the keystrokes and have to keep deleting and repairing. Jamie you are wonderful. Keep up the great work.

  10. Author

    Jules this piece about you has pulled in over 1,000 page views. Imagine if you’d actually done the interview. Cheers, j

  11. Jamie thank you but it is you that deserves the big thank you. I guarantee you and everyone that I haven’t stopped laughing as well as what I have posted to you so far on other topics. This is the best paper of all. I am thinking about Furtz and his new found religion and I am almost on the floor with laughter. I am as red in the face as a tomato and having so much fun over this.

  12. C’mon Jules do the interview. Lift the veil of secrecy surrounding you. If need be you could use the “Cone of Silence” from “Get Smart.”

  13. Hugger I am like a book full of mysteries and it keeps getting more mysterious all the time who I really am and when you get to the end of the book and you find out everything then all the fun disappears. No I prefer to keep the mysery going getting all the flack and laughter and whatever comes and enjoy every minute of it. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  14. Jules must be a secret agent. She has refused to use the “Cone of Silence.”

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