Sneak Peek at the new $63M Velodrome in Milton Ontario by Roy Berger 19/12/14

Milton 6CFN – The world class accredited Velodrome in Milton, Ontario will be open in about two weeks. The rubber tires and carbon frames will kiss the wooden track like a silent dream.

Milton 5Sixty-three million dollars later a state of the art, 250 metre indoor track will soon be set for the Pan-Am games,  Para-Olympics and to service the generations of world class athletes who are to be born here. Cyclists have to climb the wall at 35 K in order not to fall off.

Milton 4The building is an engineering marvel from the smart lights to the humidity temperature controls. There are seats for over a thousand. Vaulted ceiling nets allow the centre area to be used for basket ball and other sports.

Milton 2 Secure bicycle lockers, a pro-racing shop and a cycle fitness centre are some of the amenities. The Milton Velodrome is the only world class cycling facility in Canada.

Milton 1

The Milton Velodrome will have it’s first race prior to January 7th, 2015. Major race to take place January 13, 2015. Rumour is that Racer Sportif will be running the pro-bike shop and will be renting out Time Trial Argon bikes from a Quebec based manufacturer which took seventh place in this year’s Tour de France.

Roy Berger is a Canadian author and CFN reporter at large in Ontario. His books are available at Amazon.

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