Cornwall Fire Chief Richard McCullough to Retire at End of April – 19/12/2014


lunenberg FIRE bCFN – Chief Administrative Officer Norm Levac would like to announce that Cornwall Fire Chief Richard McCullough will be retiring at the end of April 2015.

Chief McCullough will retire on April 30th, 2015 after having completed a 35-year year career with the Cornwall Fire Department.

Mr. McCullough was hired in 1980 and held every rank within the fire service, culminating with his appointment as Fire Chief in 2013.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Cornwall Fire Department and I am fortunate to have worked with a great group of individuals over the years, both in the fire service and within other City departments,” said Chief McCullough.

“Chief McCullough has done an outstanding job and his leadership will be missed,” said Mr. Levac. “We wish him all the best in his retirement.”

The process of selecting a new Fire Chief is expected to begin in the near future. Chief McCullough has agreed to stay on if needed to help in the transition.


  1. If daddy hadn’t been dumped at the polls, Chad would have been a shoo-in for the job.

  2. Simon. I couldn’t see that happening. It would be hard to go from firefighter to chief, jumping all the levels in between.

  3. You’re right Hugger, from chasing a puck in Toronto to jumping past experienced firefighters in Cornwall, and then getting a repeat at the selection process ’til you pass, …Ya, what are the chances?

  4. Simon….the person chosen has to be somneone that fellow firefighters want to work with, not against. Can you really see Chad Kilger being even considered for the chiefs job? Nope, not if they don’t want a mass resignation.

  5. Author

    Hugger and all I don’t think it’s fair to bring Chad into this. Yes, he applied to be a firefighter, but there has never been a suggestion of any wrongdoing on his part. Penalizing him because of his father and Fitzpatrick’s actions I don’t think is very fair. I sincerely doubt he would apply for the open position. I have seen Chad in action and while the circumstances of his hiring may be tainted they weren’t at his own hand. From what i’ve heard from other firefighters he’s well liked and a good fireman.

  6. I wasn’t the one who brough Chad Kilger into the conversation. I wouldn’t have replied if another poster hadn’t brought his name up.

  7. Folks Chad Kilger isn’t the only one who got in through their old man. Former Mayor Martelle got his son in as a cop of the Barney Fife PD when there was a three year freeze in hiring. There was a man who was from Cornwall and became an engineer and he didn’t want to leave Cornwall and applied with the Barney Fife PD and who got in instead was guess who – yes Martelle’s son. This is a tradition in Cornwall and that is one of the main reasons why everyone leaves town – it is not what you know but who you know. The man who is an engineer (we know the parents) left town is working north of Ottawa in his profession. Take a look at BOB going from chasing a puck around the rink and no education (don’t even think he finished grade 10) and went into politics because he failed at businesses that he had and went in as mayor. What more do you want except for people who are not qualified for the job and get in. That is all what I saw living in Cornwall and so many others saw the same things and left.

  8. Nepotism just doesn’t raise it’s ugly head in municipal ploitics. It ran rampant when I worked for mthe feds. And I’m not missing working fo rht feds or having to deal with neptisms children.

  9. OK, maybe it’s best to ease up on the boy …no point in visiting the sins of the father upon the son.

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