Is The Interview North Korean Hack The Greatest Marketing Move in Hollywood History by Jamie Gilcig

interview posterCFN – Remember the amazing movie by the late director Robert Altman called The Player starring Tim Robbins as a studio chief?    It was a sanitized version of some of the bizarre head games that go on in “the biz.”

Or one of my faves of the 90’s, Swimming With Sharks starring Kevin Spacey, about a studio boss that’s a monster and his assistant who suffers his way towards the top.  The buzz at the time was that the writer, who was loosely who the staffer was based on, got some interesting bribes to omit certain scenes…

Now we have North Korea allegedly hacking Sony Studios and leaking all sorts of info to try and force the studio to not release The Interview.


It’s no secret that some movies cost as much to promote than to make in Hollywood and now this movie has literally had BILLIONS of dollars worth of exposure on the news.   The $44M budget movie frankly doesn’t look that hot with the exception of Lizzy Caplan who I’d probably  pay to listen read the Yellow Pages.

Funnier things have happened.   North Korea is a country…. that I’m not sure uses toilet paper or has internet service?

I’m not sure if North Korea’s GDP is the budget of The Interview.    The concept that some emo boys could impact any studio, never mind successfully carry out an act of terrorism against the United States makes about as much sense as……the plot line for much of the Fox lineup.

Frankly I’m sure Sony has deep enough pockets to have their own hackers hack the bunch that North Korea may have.   I think our Western Hackers could kick those North Korean Hackers any day of the week.

The real possibility that The Interview spin is 100% factual makes Lee Harvey Oswald look like a good shot.

Speaking of Killing leaders of countries is it not really kinda scary that we’ve gone from Kennedy to a movie made about a plan to kill an actual living current leader of a country, even one as wacky as North Vietnam?  Am I missing something or there something really hard core Dick Cheney about that?

At the end of the day I think a lot more people will see this movie and Lizzy Caplan’s push up bra and glasses fantasy CIA chick than would have otherwise.

In this day of hackers, and torrent people, and mooches that don’t want to pay artists their fair share I kinda find it genius.

The question is will you go see The Interview on Christmas Day, or whatever day it hits the Big Screen near you?

North Korea………

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  1. I guess we’ll see if this is a Hollywood ploy or a North Korea threat.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if Dick Cheney was involved. Pretty sure he owns Sony shares.

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