UPDATE Tree 1 Truck 0 on 11th Street in Cornwall Ontario – #CCPS #CFS #CEMS 20/12/14

Truck Tree Cornwall 20 12 14  DEANCFN – A Truck met a tree early this morning on 11th Street in Cornwall Ontario.

Viewer Chantal Dean sent in these photos of the single vehicle incident which brought out police, fire, and EMS services.

Truck Tree Cornwall 20 12 14  DEAN 2

The vehicle was driven by a “male older driver” according to one witness.

We will update as soon as more information becomes available.


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Truck Tree Cornwall 20 12 14  DEAN AFTER 1

Truck Tree Cornwall 20 12 14  DEAN AFTER 2

Cornwall Community Police Confirmed that it was a single vehicle collision with a male driver taken to CCH and in stable condition.


  1. Well, well, well the tree was at fault for being in the way of a truck. LOL LOL. ROLF! We have to ticket the tree and give deduction points for being there. Well now being a little more serious someone has been dipping their beek in the bottle and never learns to leave the truck or car at home when you want to celebrate.

  2. Jules, you really need to learn when to hush! There are several reasons this “older” man could have hit the tree that don’t involve drinking and driving. One of which, could be that he was having a medical emergency at the time. I don’t know this for sure, but I certainly wouldn’t be going around accusing people of DUI without any information or evidence. I could be wrong, but these accusations you often make, could be one of the reasons you get your nickname “whacky Jules”.

  3. Author

    We can confirm that this was a medical issue according to the CCPS.

  4. Hey Jules, just want to tell you this man is very very nice and does not drink at all!!!!!! so for your info.. he is my neighbor and everyone loves him for being kind to people.. so you should not comment like that when you do not know a person, it makes you look like an idiot asshole.. so relax with your stupid comments and apologize!!

  5. Thank god if was a ford he is still alive if was a Chevy could have been a lot worse.

  6. Kirk….not funny. Wen someone has an accident, whether medical emergency or other cause, making ha-ha’s about vehicle make is a no-no.


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  8. The headline on this story disturbs me. Had the truck been empty and rolled into a tree that would be one thing. But if a person or an animal is involved, it’s not right.

  9. It doesn’t matter how old this person is and old people are caught driving drunk and I read it today on yahoo at age 80 and they happen to be very bad ddrivers. One old man of 80 destroyed my son’s car while parked in a parking lot and hit 4 other cars as well. People who have health problems should not drive at all. My brother in law doesn’t drive anymore because of him being diabetic, had a stroke a few years ago and lost his hearing, his eldest daughter was born with type 1 diabetes and doesn’t drive. Only stupid people will go out and drive when they have health issues.

  10. Health issues are not easy to define. As well, if someone doesn’t know they have “health issues” it’s hard to be treated for them.

  11. Hugger if a person is alive and are not always feeling well even a simple cold or flu will impair your driving skills and at any age but especially seniors. Not enough sleep will do it as well.

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