Green Christmas in Cornwall Ontario as Rain to Wash Snow Away – FLOOD ALERT

dreamstimefree_686368.jpgCORNWALL Ontario – No the flowers won’t be blossoming, but with predictions of a 10 degree Christmas in Cornwall some may be celebrating in shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

After predictions of big snow last week CFN is predicting highs of 4 degrees today as the rains will start to wash away our snow cover.   Christmas day should hit as high as 12 before tapering off to still unseasonal above zero temps.

Today there are some patches of freezing rain so pedestrians and motorists should be extra careful.

Holiday Predictions

Wednesday DEC 24 

High 6 c

Low 3 c


Thursday DEC 25

High 11 c

Low 4 c

light showers

Friday DEC 26

High 5c

Low 1 c

Some  RAIN with chance of flurries

We’ll see more of the same on Saturday before temps start to drop on Sunday.

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  1. A good deal of flooding in Cornwall could be avoided by not building on old water courses that were merely filled in.

    Cornwall needs to stop filling in, and prevent building over top of old or current drainage routes, and have a long range plan to restore old water courses as ribbons of nature throughout the city.

    The Courtauld’s property might be a good start; instead of shoulder to shoulder housing, create proper lots and respect some of what was there long ago, before industry ruined it.

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