What Was the Dirtiest Restaurant in the Cornwall Ontario Area for 2014? by Jamie Gilcig

What Was the Dirtiest Restaurant in the Cornwall Ontario Area for 2014? by Jamie Gilcig

DirectoryLabel_RestClubsCORNWALL Ontario –  I don’t think we saw anything as scary as the image above, but it’s that time of year to review the EOHU inspections for 2014 and see what restaurants had issues during the year.

It’s always surprising as some of these places crank out some very good food!

This isn’t an all encompassing list.  We randomly surveyed restaurants on the list provided by the EOHU and those that stood out for 2014 are getting a mention.

In Alphabetical Order:

Casa Paolo – meant to be a lovely get away Casa Paolo had some issues in 2014.   On April 4th they had 5 issues out of the 43 graded including proper storing of utensils, clean surfaces in good repair, cutting boards, and a lack of sanitizing test kits.  When the EOHU returned in December there were less issues, but some were about protection of food from contamination and adulteration, clean surfaces, and a freezer issue.

Family Corner which is one of the few places that dishes up Indian food in Cornwall.   They had a very long year with their neighbors next door, the EOHU.

In January they only had 3 issues, but the July visit saw them hit with 7 citations including food not high enough off the floor, refrigeration, wipe clothes not in sanitizing solution, hair nets, utensil storage, clean floors, cutting boards.

September saw them nailed another 7 times.   The EOHU returned 5 days later and gave them to be in compliance.

Grumpy’s in Long Sault saw 8 infractions in October.   Food protection, thermometers, no lids on garbage containers, screens, wiping clothes without sanitizer, corroded dryer rack, non clean surfaces, washroom issues, and dish washing solutions.

When the EOHU returned two weeks later there were still 7 citations.   Many were for the same issues although this time they cited the ceilings and walls not being clean.    In November they had righted the ship.

J&T Japanese  Thai saw a consistency of a few issue.    In January they were cited for 4 issues including food storage, hand washing basin and toweling, and insufficient cleaning levels.  In July they had 3 issues, in October 6 including wiping cloths, utensils, clean equipment surface issues, floors, ceilings, and wall cleaning issues, washrooms, and not enough chlorine sanitizer.   They came back a week later and cited J&T for 3 of the same issues.

Kelsey’s in Cornwall had 3 citations in June including food handler hygiene, equipment surfaces, and utensil issues.  In November they were down to two.

 Milano Pizza in Cornwall had 7 issues in April including food protection, refrigeration, hand washing,and  floors, walls, ceilings.   In June they’d narrowed it down to 2 and in September to one.

The Ramada Inn had a whopping 8 citations in May including food storage, refrigeration, Milk and Milk products(Discard any remaining portions unused by patrons) clean surfaces, contaminated utensils, floors, walls, and ceilings.

They cleaned up andonly had one citation the rest of 2014!

Schnitzels European Flavours had a bad May too with 6 citations including food storage, hand washing, utensils, hot water issues in washrooms.   They only had 3 the rest of the year.

The Bar Q had 5 citations in December including thermometers, hand washing, clean surfaces, frozen foods, and chlorine solutions.

To check on your favorite eatery you can visit the EOHU here.

The good news is that overall our city eateries did really well!   Here’s to a safer and cleaner 2015!

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