Cornwall River Kings Trade Fan Fave Chris Cloutier to Laval in the NHL 29/12/14 UPDATED #LNAH

clouts nov 3 2013CORNWALL Ontario – River Kings fans are mourning the loss of fave Chris Cloutier who was shipped out to Laval of the LNAH earlier today.


Cloutier had 77 penalty minutes and zero points for the River Kings this season.

“Clouts” last fight for the Kings

Will be updating as more info comes out including statements.


From team owner Steve Moreau

“Since we took over the team we have been bombarded with requests for a tougher team.  We have listened and we have delivered.  Chris Cloutier was an important element of our team and now it is time to move on.  As much as he will be missed, we made the trade for the better and wish him the best.” 

Kings Release

The River Kings, fresh off a four-point weekend, have completed a blockbuster trade with the Laval Predateurs.

General manager Rick Lalonde has acquired veteran enforcers Curtis Tidball and Manuel Frechette as well as big defenceman Mathieu Brisson from Laval along with a 7th round pick at the 2015 LNAH draft.

Cornwall sends Chris Cloutier, rookie defenceman Mathieu Leduc, Philippe Pepin and a 9th round draft pick to Laval.

We made a promise to our fans in the off-season that we wouldn’t be pushed around in our own barn,” said Lalonde. “We’ve addressed that now with this blockbuster deal.”

We’d like to than Chris for what he’s done four our hockey club and wish him the best in Laval,” said Lalonde. “But we believe we’re a much tougher team now.”

Tidball has 136 penalty minutes in 18 games for Laval and Thetford-Mines this season. Frechette has 79 penalty minutes in 17 games this season with the Predateurs.

Cloutier has been limited to 12 games this season due to injury. He has 78 penalty minutes.

The River Kings face off against the Thetford-Mines Isothermic on Saturday night at the Civic Complex. Game time is 7:30 p.m. Cornwall hosts Jonquiere on Sunday at 2 p.m.

SKATE WITH KINGS: Fans are invited to bring their skates, cameras and pens to Sunday’s game vs. Jonquiere. After the game, fans can skate with the River Kings at the Ed Lumley Arena.

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  1. In a word…..boooo, hissssss. Chris will be missed. Hopefully the trade works for the River Kings.

  2. Great trade for the River Kings…they added some toughness. Chris will be missed but it’s a good move for Cornwall IMO

  3. I hope this doesn’t continue. We’ve seen what happens when fan favourites are traded before in other leagues. And I’m hoping Steve Moreau doesn’t try to operate the River Kings the way Eugene Melnyk operates the Sens…..being cheap on spending.

  4. Hugger business people have to be cheap in order to survive so do not expect much especially nowadays – the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming. Don’t laugh just hold on to your seat and watch what I am trying to tell you that is coming true.

  5. Jules….There’s cheap and then there’s Eugene Melnyk cheap. The Sens have the lowest payroll in the NHL. It’s shown the last few years in their performance on the ice and how often they’ve made the playoffs.

  6. Hugger payroll doesn’t necessarily equate to on-ice success. Ask the Leafs.

  7. Perhaps Greg Reynolds. The Leafs seemed to have made a legacy of constant bad signings, bad trades and bad on-ice play.

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