Canadien’s Legend Steve Shutt on The Vincent Kids Ice Rink in Cornwall Ontario – Dec 30, 2014

Vincent Family & Friends ICE RINK 2CFN – Canadiens Hall of Famer Steve Shutt commented about the Vincent’s hockey rink when reached out to over the holidays.

Shutt, who scored a long standing record 60 goals as a Left Winger for the Habs in 1977 grew up playing on his own family rink in Toronto.  He scored 50 goals in 99 play off games including being on five Stanley Cup winning teams during the Montreal Dynasty in the 70’s.  He still plays in charity and alumni games.

Hopefully his will be the next jersey the team retires.

I think that it is better to have kids “on the ice” and busy than getting into trouble (maybe breaking your windows!)


We had a rink in our backyard when I grew up  and it was a great place for kids  to have fun and keep busy.



If anybody is not happy with that then they should look at a 55 and over community where these types of things won’t happen.



Actually nothing happens in these communities!!!


 Steve Shutt Montreal Canadiens  1972-84

The city of Cornwall has given the Vincent’s until January 5th to remove pegs that hold up a supporting wall to the rink.  The family has vowed to not do so and the public has come out strongly in favor of the popular kids rink staying.  Only three councilors have publicly shown support for the rink to remain through the Winter out of eleven elected officials to date.

vincent fam rink DEC 2014The family took to the ice after the Canadian Junior team victory last night.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Can the rink be saved?  Will the City investigate whether this was a VIP complaint handled differently than normal complaints?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. The only option you did not offer to the reader is take down the pegs and the boards…. That would pass. My son in Orford has a rink in his back yard with no boards. Of course with mild weather it needs to redone (ice) he is working on it.. So it will be great again..

  2. While I do understand the City of Cornwall’s position from a legal perspective, on other levels I can see no merit.

    Around the city, violations jump out to greet you and involve permanent structures yet a seasonal short lived labour of love for the betterment of children gets attention and condemnation rather than allowing the children to benefit and enjoy until nature says times up.

    If the law is an ass than do what is right and change it. What purpose is council other than to serve the needs of the electorate?

  3. Eye sore? you want eye sore? Then look no further than Cornwall’s 2 main streets..Pitt and Second. Ron Chenier’s condos will never be built. This lot continues to look awful and yet is there no bylaw for the city to take over the property or force Chenier to do something about it.So many things in this city gets overlooked but yet a family builds a rink for the kids and the city is forcing them to remove it.. That’s our city!! That’s just crap

  4. Got to agree with Pete Walbee. How many years have the boards been up at Pitt and Second. The last I heard he had 3 retail clients and 2 condos sold. Not a good sign.

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