What Does South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart Have Against Her VAG? by Jamie Gilcig

Tammy-Parkway1-800x725CFN – We knew that South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart had something against official bilingualism.

The wild card who has had several brushes with integrity commissioner Robert Swayze has had an interesting start to this term.

First was support to ban “certain gonzo” cameras from council which even Seaway News editor Todd Lihou  chided her on.

Now it seems that she has something against something as earthy and normal as a VAG?

I mean who doesn’t like a good VAG?  In 2006 she tried to cork the VAG budget, but was rebuffed by her council at that time.  Is she trying to save money so that the township can afford the alleged $50K for water rights her family farm is requesting of which they wouldn’t lose any land use for harvesting crops?

When a community has as much pride about its VAG as South Stormont why would you want to trim it up, but that’s exactly what the Deputy Mayor wishes to do seeking to slash the VAG budget in South Stormont from $8,500 per year to $5,000.

Of course South Stormont’s Volunteer Awards Gala has been around for awhile.  It rewards local volunteers once per year with a dinner.   What the heck is wrong with that?    You work hard and give a lot to a community and get a $20 dinner of thanks.

2014 VAG Budget


How VAG works


The Down Low on VAG in South Stormont


Frankly this writer thinks there should be a larger VAG in South Stormont.  4 tickets doesn’t seem like enough for some of those groups even if many of them voted in this joke of a Deputy Mayor and her slate of Candidates.

richard_waldroffCouncilor Richard Waldroff likes the VAG in South Stormont.   He sent in the following statement;

The documents speak for themselves as to numbers who attend and the related costs.  If I take the hours that volunteers in South Stormont are providing services to their neighbours, community projects, and just giving a hand I am blown away. 

Thank you hardly seems like enough.  As you can see each organization in the community is invited to send some of their members to the gala, using it as any opportunity to say “thanks” 

The greatest expense is the meal, but if you really truly want to say something, the meal must be special, the evening must be special. 

I believe the committee led by Tammie Grant has done an excellent job keeping expenses below the budgeted amount of $8500. This is clearly revealed by the spreadsheet provided to council by Parks and Recreation.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Do you like a good VAG?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. You have got to be kidding,Tammy thinks a $20 each volunteer meal per year is too much? This council is a joke.This is a slap in the face to all the South Stormont volunteers who generously give of their time to help others,if anything, it should be increased.

  2. This is THE WORST story I’ve ever read. The headline is misleading, the substance is lacking and as always, the quality is atrocious. The fact that anyone takes this or you seriously is absolutely hilarious. And by the way, I’m not seeing too much “advertising” on your site anymore? I hope your client list isn’t diminishing, that’d be an awful shame.

  3. $20./year too much for volunteers to have a meal? Gee none of us who worked at the hospitals in Cornwall ever get even 1 cent. Never ever again would I do volunteer work and I warned by children as well. You live and learn the hard way and the rich are the ones who profit off those of us at the bottom. The rich can shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. Do you read me Tammy Hart? Shove it.

  4. Volunteer work is good. I do volunteer work. But I do not expect anything in return. Any volunteer that expects anything in return is doing it for the wrong reasons. That being said the organization I do volunteer work for holds two volunteer appreciation events yearly (volunteer week & Christmas). It’s nothing elaborate; it usually consists of a boxed chicken dinner from one of the local restaurants and a small gift. I think this is small minded trying to take this away.

  5. When I was in my teens and twenties I put as much of myself, as often as I could, into South Stormont VAG. Marriage and old age have slowed me down, however, I still stand firm in my support of the rural VAG.

  6. The wannabe councilor Xfiler follower ought to be ashamed of himself for sticking up for his queen bee, volunteers never expect thanks such as a meal but they do feel good being appreciated

  7. {MODERATED} Jason please follow our comment guidelines please.

  8. Mary Bray….which wannabe councilor Xfiler are you referring to? Councilor Richard Waldroff thinks the VAG budget should stay at $8,500. He was defending Tammie Grant, not Tammy Hart.

  9. Wow! has a dirty but funny mind. ROLF ROLF LOL etc.

  10. hugger1 Richard is the only smart council member left, I was amiss to not put S G wannabee

  11. OK, thanks. Us old guys get confused at times.

  12. It sure gets confusing with two Tammy’s in S. Stormont and the surname has to be posted in order to have a better understanding. Tammy Hart can take a flight on her broom and you know what she can do with her broom stick.

  13. @Jules: I heard she rides her broom vertically!

  14. Stan….that would hurt!!

  15. {MODERATED} Mr. Heward as you are part of a group that actively boycotts this newspaper I’m sure you can understand that you’ll have to observe your boycott. I’m sure you can post your musings in your hate group. Cheers.

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