Rodney Rivette Wins $25,000 At Cornwall River Kings Game – JAN 19, 2015

rod winningCORNWALL Ontario – Rodney Rivette worked for the River Kings last season as a volunteer, but this year that Karma came back, along with years of practicing shooting as a kid!

Mr. Rivette won $25,000 by shooting a puck from the defensive blue line into a small target on the net at the other end.

The promotion, sponsored by Jenni MacDonald of Dominion Lending, was won for the first time since it began for the River Kings.


The Kings may have lost the game, but for Rodney Rivette it was a winning day!

Photo: Screen cap from video


  1. Hope it was paid in one shot. Not one of these “we’ll pay you X amount of money for so many years.”

  2. Author

    I hope he takes out a VIP CFN subscription. They start at only $250 per year which less than $1 per day.

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