Did John Baird Hit the Glass Ceiling? MP Resigns Cabinet Post by Jamie Gilcig – FEB 3, 2015 POLL

jbairdcw1CFN – John Baird was one of the Harper government’s most interesting Cabinet ministers.   Today he announced that he’s stepping down from his post and will not be running again.   There’s wild speculation about what has triggered his decision.

Could it be that MP’s that retire before the end of February get their gold plated pensions at 55 instead of 65?  Was the lure of the private sector that great for a career politico like Mr. Baird?   Did he simply hit the glass ceiling for gay men in the Conservative Party?    There are rumblings of  Stephen Harper not running himself in the next election.    Could this be a parting blow from someone who simply was told that they were not going to get their shot at the throne?

We may never know.  Mr. Baird is far too savvy a politician to play the game any other way.   At 45 he’s still young enough to take a break and come back, or he simply can cash in from years of serving the public as many other politicians have before him.


This however can only be seen as a blow to Mr. Harper as he loses another of his war horses.    It’s been buzzing that several MPs from all parties will be departing before the February pension cut off.

With an election around the corner who do you think will be our next PM?  You can post your comments below and vote in our poll.

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Photo:  MP Baird attending event in Cornwall Ontario with former Mayor Bob Kilger and former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick.

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  1. If PM Harper ever decided to not run,we are all screwed & tattooed, He is the best PM we have ever had ,no one is perfect but the other two choices are dumb & dumber

  2. My husband & I both thought at the same time that John Barid is now afraid after the egg throwing event which lead to Canada moved their embassy

  3. There are a few good reasons for Baird to pull the pin at this point. The pension issue is an obvious one. Also, the Cons will probably go down in flames in the next election, and being reduced to an opposition pit-bull would be a huge come-down. But the big one is that he’ll go from making hundreds of thousands per year to millions per year.

  4. Author

    So Furtz are you suggesting we ask him to be a VIP subscriber to CFN after he gets his pension? 🙂

  5. Nothing to lose by asking him, Jamie. He’ll never be short of loose change.
    Mary Bray, I really like your sense of humour. LOL, ROLF ROLF!!

  6. Baird leaving I think is a combination of things….MP’s that retire before the end of February get their pensions at 55 instead of 65 / the lure of the private sector / being outed recently as being gay. As well, I think he’s just tired of the politician’s life. Now him being gay I see nothing wrong with. However there still is a stigmatism with being gay in this world. People say it’s alright, but some people do not think it is okay.

    As for Harper leaving….I think he wants to face Justin Trudeau in the election. So….

  7. I don’t think Blair’s sexual orientation has much to do with his leaving politics. There are quite a few gays in the party, and their bible-thumping “base” supporters have become less relevant in recent years.

  8. Why suddenly? Why now? How much, if at all, did his boss try to persuade him to stay? Did that same boss, master of the smear and slur, offend him in some way? Who will take his place running around the Middle East, fronting for our terror-obsessed, tunnel-visioned PM? Who will escort Laureen to NAC functions? Golden opportunity for our knight in shining armour, Guy Lauzon? Boorish loud mouth in public, apparently conciliatory and likeable behind the scenes, which is/was the real John Baird? So many questions.

  9. PJ, could be that something ugly is about to be exposed re expenses or something. Or maybe he knows that a spring election is coming.

  10. There was never a mystery regarding Mr. Baird”s sexuality he is simply an example of how a class individual handles what is a private matter that has absolutely no place or relevance in the political arena. Over a decade ago is not a recent “outing”.

    As for your opinion of Harper wanting to face Pierre’s young son. I would ask what seasoned political veteran doesn’t want to run opposite a yet to be tested, inexperienced and sometimes over zealous newbie?

    PJ Robertson sounds like a spin doctor. Personally I like facts not speculation and innuendo.

  11. Author

    David now now. I also believe that Mr. Harper doesn’t want to run against Mr. Trudeau unless something changes internal polling numbers 😉

  12. So far, about twenty-six Con MPs have announced that they won’t be running in the next election. The pension issue might have something to do with it, but I also think a lot of them know that their chances of reelection are pretty slim.

  13. Personally Admin I am not concerned regarding the outcome of the next federal election. The outcome has no bearing on my future endeavors or plans other than to say from an investment perspective Trudeau’s inexperience has some predictable financial advantages. Polls don’t create reality, voters do. Polls are known to have been wrong the electorate are always right,that is democracy.

  14. David Oldham: You’re a wonder. Personally you like facts, you say, not speculation or innuendo. Fair enough. So when you say I sound like a spin doctor, do you know that for a fact, or are you speculating or (perish the thought)indulging in innuendo?

    Do you have an all-purpose hotline to facts? Do you know for a fact all about Baird’s decision–a key government decision that affects us all? I don’t. So, how does an interested citizen go about getting at the facts without asking questions?

  15. Author

    Furtz I think this is more about pensions. 1) There are more Harper MP’s. 2) It’s first time around for most dippers – they don’t have their six years in yet so it’s not really applicable. 3) There are very few Liberal MP’s at the moment and most of them are running again.

    Great optics and point well played though in the media 🙂

  16. No need to be abrasive PJ I didn’t mean any offense by my remark. I do not know all about Mr. Baird. I do know that all parties valued his contributions and that Canadians have benefited from his presence here and abroad. I do also know that his leaving may be of concern to many but that his reasons for leaving should be respected as his and his alone to make.

    Asking questions is an intelligent mans prerogative you will get no complaint from me.

    My remark referred to the fact that your observations were rife with predilection. Like a spin doctor. No disrespect intended.

  17. Politicians and gold plated pensions. What could possibly go wrong?

  18. Tsk, tsk, Furtz (Feb 4, 2015, 6:27 pm above). Are you speculating, or (God forbid) spin doctoring?

  19. PJ, it makes one wonder when a high-flying senior cabinet minister quits with no notice. For a long-time super-loyal Harper soldier, he sure left his boss in a bind. I can’t imagine quitting any job without giving my boss at least a few weeks notice.

  20. Questions, David, eight of them, not observations. Here’s another: How are those questions “rife with predilection?” Please enlighten me. Also on “abrasive” — Lord help us. Do you know irony when you meet it? I seem to recall Furtz’s saying something similar on a different thread.

  21. Exactly, Furtz. Was there something his OCD boss did or asked him to do that was the last straw?

  22. There is sarcasm and there is irony. Look at your questions from both considerations. If you still believe that you incorporated “irony” into your “questions” knock yourself out. Nothing personal here P.J.

  23. Furtz no one is irreplaceable. Life continues to march on with either plan A or plan B. I would wager to say that Canadians are more impacted than Steven Harper and his brand of conservatism.

  24. David, Methinks you protest too much with your no “offense” (sic), “nothing personal” disclaimers. More importantly, are you aware of your talent for setting the record and posters straight? It would appear that I need guidance on irony and sarcasm, on how my posts are “abrasive,” and not least on how my questions, which you call observations, are “rife with predilection.” Are you willing to post tutorials on these matters?

  25. Your gallantry greatly appreciated, David. May I suggest, though, not a question of win or lose, rather of using the English language accurately, imaginatively, whenever and wherever possible courteously, and with care. (Full disclosure: I have advanced training and practice over many years as a teacher and writer of English. So, while still fallible like the next guy and always willing to learn, I have a good grasp of what words mean in given contexts, of rhetorical devices and their uses, and the difference between sense and nonsense.) Looking forward to your future posts. Enjoy the weekend, my friend.

  26. As an Irishman I fully embrace the prudence of not urinating windward. I am pleased that you believe that you have a good grasp of the English language P.J. and a willingness to learn. May the wind be always at your back.

  27. The advantages of knowing how to string words together are dwarfed by the knowledge of which direction to face while peeing on a windy day. With the prevailing winds coming from the west, it’s usually wise to face east, but the wind direction can change from day to day. Always be careful when attempting this stunt.

  28. Better than believe, David. With two books and well over a hundred published articles and reviews in well-recognised papers and periodicals, a fact–which I mention only because, in spite of hailing from the land of leprechauns, you say you prefer facts to speculation. Ciao.

    Dwarfed, Furtz, or maybe leprechauned.

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