Family Comes Home to Find Break In Attempt Near Headline Road Outside of Cornwall Ontario – FEB 5, 2015

OPP feb 4 2015 cCFN – A family just north of Cornwall came home from a trip to discover their home being burgled in the act!  An area family arrived home to find a strange vehicle with Quebec plates in their driveway.

opp feb 4 2015 bOne alleged bad guy fled on foot while the Quebec car sped off to be followed by the home owner while OPP were called.

OPP FEB 4 2015 d

Family and neighbors were shaken to see police descend on the property to investigate the incident.

We will update this story as official information is released.


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  1. Nothing will be discovered, no one arrested, no one even on their radar, guarantee it.

    Useless or complicit, hard to know what this much ineptitude springs from, but it’s sure not policing with so many victims of burglary and home invasion and no arrests.

  2. There is no feasible (cost effective) way to investigate a simple break enter and theft. Unless there are other factors in play, i.e. drugs, guns, assault, death etc. it is my understanding that a report is made but the incident becomes an insurance matter and a statistic.

    I believe that this has been standard practice with most police departments for well over 30 years. Best to ask your local law enforcement what if any type of investigative work is actually done other than a report and open file.

    Kind of makes some people wish that we had the right to protect self and property in Canada. That is not likely to happen though, we are an accommodating society who largely believe in a “time out” approach rather than repercussions for actions (real consequences).

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