January Traffic Up 20% over 2014 as CFN Celebrates our 6th Anniversary – FEB 9, 2015

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OMG we made it to six!     CFN celebrates our 6th Anniversary today with a special ad deal below.

What we really want to celebrate is the amazing support from you, our amazing viewers!

In January 2015 CFN had 72,602 Unique Visitors who dropped by CFN 233,505 times and clicked on 1,331,424 pages (does not count additional non human traffic of 1,415,496 page views)  burning through 190.86 GB of bandwidth.

That’s a lot of traffic that your business, group, or organization missed.  There is no media that offers a wider audience locally than CFN.

Isn’t it time that you were noticed and in these tough times spend your ad dollars where the public is, especially  when those ad dollars are public ones?

Can imagine companies like Loblaws, Walmart, Staples, Sobey’s, Farm Boy, Shoppers Drugmart spending thousands per week to print and then distribute their flyers via ad bag?   I live in Downtown Cornwall and we haven’t received ours in over a month.  Crazy!   Imagine how much savings could be passed onto consumers if some of these outfits had their flyers on CFN or at least a banner pointing to them?

As a matter of fact our viewers will have a say in what our budget will be this year.  It’s that time to hit you guys up for Subscription donations so we can finalize our 2015 budget.


Every subscription helps.  For as little as $25 per year you can help us bring in new writers and keep bringing you the news you clearly want.   A print subscription to the Freeholder is $130 per year.   Isn’t CFN worth $100 to you?

Please click the Paypal button above or we can accept e-Interac transfers. (info@cornwallfreenews.com)

Supporting Local News is Supporting Your Community!

And now for our January 2015 numbers from our Google Analyticator!

Top 25 City Visits For January 2015

(via Google Analytics – all cities in Ontario unless otherwise noted)

1) Cornwall 44.98%  598,874 human page views!

2)  Ottawa 8.99%

3) Montreal 8.77%

4) Toronto

5) Kingston

6) Brockville

7) Baltimore MD

8.) Gatineau QC

9) Morrisburg

10)  Belleville

 11) Edmonton AB

12) Mississauga

13)  Clarence – Rockland

13) Waterloo

14) Calgary AB

15)  Winnipeg

16) Vancouver BC

17) Peterborough

18) Windsor

19) Guelph

20) London

21)  Barrie

22) Fredricton NB

23) Hamilton

24) Oshawa

25) New York, NY

Pages per Session


Average Session Duration

1.44 minutes

37.93% of our viewers do so via their mobile units

18.63% do so from their tablets

38.22% of mobile users are on their iPhones (Apple doesn’t view Flash that some sites use)

14.581%  are on their iPads



atw only

Yes, our advertising does work!

Do you want to engage the largest audience in this region of Ontario?

There is no better way than talking to them directly and showing you support local media than by advertising on The Cornwall Free News!


Dial 1 855 444 1133 and book your ad plan today and get a very very special discount and free ad block in Seaway Today – The Region’s upcoming print edition!   

Seaway Today 300x250Do You Have Your Number Yet?

Why would you pay more to advertise in other media that are seen less?

Our $99+HST top banner ad deal continues into February.  Book for one month or as many as you wish at the price.  Sale ends February 28th!   Email or call for details!

Local Media Supporting Local Business is the CFN way!

We have several feature and column sponsorship’s available!

Email Jamie@cornwallfreenews.com  and find out how much you can save, and how we can tailor an advertising, marketing, or messaging package that truly can help achieve your goals in this scary economy today!

Email for details!



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