MCA Mike Mitchell Earns Double the Average Chief Income TOP TEN Earners in Canada

Grand Chief Mike (Kanentakeron) Mitchell
Grand Chief Mike (Kanentakeron) Mitchell

CORNWALL Ontario – Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Grand Chief Mike Mitchell makes over twice the average salary of a chief according to data about the incomes of Chiefs of bands across Canada.

MCA Chief Salaries including expenses:

April Adams-Phillips $35,886

Louise Thompson $55,663

William Sunday $62,204

June Phillips-Jacobs  $67,893

Steve Thomas $69,582

Larry King $ 70,267

Florence Phillips $ 70,693

Joe Lazore $71,556

Abram Benedict $ 73,254

Grand Chief Mike Mitchell $132,203

Brian David $ 84,809

Joanne Jocko $81,495

Karen Loran $78,486

The Median average salary was $64,697.  There were a eight chiefs that took no salary compared to some who took home close to $2M in salary and bonuses.

Chiefs have had to have their incomes audited under the First Nations Financial Transparency Act.  Less than 30 chiefs have failed to provided audited information.

Top Ten Paid Chiefs 

1) Ron Giesbrecht $930,793

2) Jim Boucher $764,957

3) Ronald Morin $435,084

4) Isaac Laboucan Avirom $423, 697

5) Kathleen Laboucan $403,599

6) Gerald Gladue $391,019

7) Raymond Powder $386,098

8) David Bouchier $374,622

9) Casey Bird $357,288

10) Whitehawk Norman $354,629

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  1. A few things come to mind……

    1) Grand Chief Mike Mitchell was not in the Top Ten Paid Chiefs. Is that a good thing?

    2) Was Grand Chief Mike Mitchell one of chiefs who failed to provided audited information?

    3) As being Grand Chief does he get paid more and thus the difference between himself and the other chiefs?

  2. Author

    Hugger we would not have any of the chiefs info if they hadn’t been audited.

  3. Admin said….”we would not have any of the chiefs info if they hadn’t been audited.” Good to know. I was just putting it out there as a general question, not an accusation.

  4. The financials MCA provided AANDC was not an audit it was an unaudited audit. Did you see how much the cao and the travel expenses were? This is all tax free money and did they earn any money from other FN organizations that was not reported? Do they take money from the portfolios they hold so there is less money for services?

  5. Spirit Bear….what is an unaudited audit?

  6. An unaudited audit is an audit that hasn’t been audited. LOL LOL ROLF ROLF etc.

  7. Furtz….that sounds like a typical government definition.

  8. Hugger, It is when they only say where the money was spent and do not have the paperwork that proves it was spent the way it was intended too!

  9. Wow it is a shame that many do also receive private deals and under the table favours it’s been proven through Forensic Audits that many chiefs so in fact make huge salaries but so do the higher ups …INAC and Indian Oil Gas etc.

  10. First Nations, like the rest of us, suffer the greediness of their own 1%’ers.

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