Harper MP Eve Adams Walks Across the Floor and Joins the Liberals – FEB 9, 2015

eve adams FBCFN – The Harper government took another hit as former MP Eve Adams walked over to the Liberals giving them the riding of Mississauga-Brampton South,  and will be running for the party in 2015.

Mr. Harper is reeling over he loss of one of his key cabinet ministers John Baird.

It highlights two critical issues facing Mr. Harper’s leadership; his numbers with women voters and the glass ceiling that is said to exist for gay candidates with the party.

Mr. Harper is also dealing with with a mass of MPs that will be retiring with the changes to the MP retirement rules that allow them to start collecting at 55 instead of 65.

Ms Adams stated;

I can no longer support mean-spirited leadership that divides people instead of bringing them together

She started her career in municipal politics and has never lost an election.

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  1. Seriously? This person would go anywhere that will get her elected so she can languish on the public dole. It was enough when people still voted liberal in Sudbury all because of the lies & hidden agenda around the candidates. Eve Adams represents possibly some of the worst that politics has to offer. I suspect that if the NDP were looking like the next government, she would be cozying up to Mulcair. They have a word for people like this, it’s called “Prostitute”.

  2. She probably figured that it would be easier to get Pot on the other side of the floor…….

  3. Harsh words, Geoff. The optics are not good, I agree, especially with Soudas lurking in the background. But, from what I heard on CBC’s The Current this am, there’s much more to this. For instance, Adams has been a lifelong loyal Conservative since the age of 14 and as MP very effective and attentive to her constituents. In other words, she likes being an MP and is a good one. So when she learned, presumably from the PMO, that she was barred from running as a Conservative in the next election, what options were open to her to continue as an MP?

    BTW when she told the press yesterday that she had had enough of mean-spirited, divisive politics and bullying fear-mongers, tell me she wasn’t telling the truth and voicing what most Canadians have thought and felt for years. Good on her for calling a spade a shovel.

    As for your “P” word, persuade me for a start that the whole Harper crowd doesn’t qualify for it far beyond Eve Adams. They came in promising the Canadian people Transparency and Accountability, and have been anything but. They came in with the slogan “Stand up for Canada,” and have spent 9 years dividing and degrading Canada at home and diminishing Canada’s good reputation in the world.

  4. Like I said many times before I will not vote at all. My daughter and I were speaking to a German lady who has been in Canada for a very long time and she said the same words as my husband “Canadians only complain but do not go out and protest and bring the government down to its knees and no matter who gets in the answer is the same or worse” and how mighty true that is – it is only changing the bird cage liner and nothing else.

  5. Jules, Jules Jules…..nothing will change if voters don’t vote.

  6. P.J.; Please let me clarify. I do not believe for a minute that there are any politicians anywhere worth damn! After seeing what these people do & get away with, ( senators included) for the past 2 decades ( & more maybe) I have had enough. I decided a few years ago that sugar coating does not work, so I tend to call a spade a spade. I don’t mean any offence to any other readers & contributors & you are more than welcome to your opinion also, but I don’t back away from what I believe to be the truth. I am also, it should be noted not affiliated with any political party. I especially despise floor crossers (crosseurs…)& I it absolutely disgusts me how this government treats our veterans, especially those who are in need. I could go on & on PJ but I think you get the message & I suspect we agree on more subjects than we disagree on. Again, sorry to anyone who is taken aback by the strong language.

  7. The optics of this aren’t good for the Libs. She was elected as a Harper Con, was shown the door by her party, and comes with some baggage. Ideally, she would sit as an independent, and try to win a nomination to run as a Lib in the next election. Can’t help but think that the Libs are more excited about snagging her baggage (Dimitri Soudas) than her.

  8. Author

    Furtz she comes with Soudas and a track record for winning. That’s politics amigo.

  9. Hugger I am now an old lady with very high blood pressure and I haven’t seen an honest politician in all my 64 years and I am a conservative in my home life but conservatives do not exist in politics and the liberals/fiberals are the very same they spend our money like as if it fell from the sky all free in their hands. No things are not going to change unless the people of Canada took to the streets and did everything they can to make the necessary changes. Politicians are there for themselves and nothing more. You would think that Holy Gilles Latour was a politician because he sure is playing the part to win an Oscar and to steal from his own mother is completely and utterly unforgivable. Every politician is there around the gravy train from the feds, provincial all the way down to the municipal and if they were not sitting in the chair sleeping and yawning and joking they would be pounding the pavement looking for work. Who in God’s earth puts in 10 councellors for a tiny town like Cornwall and the people wonder how to find savings. Well I gave everyone the answer a long time ago – not more than 5 or 6 counsellors at tops and reduce the salaries.

  10. Geoff, bravo, I’m with you, especially on your point about the veterans. The only leader I have unqualified respect for is Elizabeth May. She cuts to the chase and speaks the truth. You could say that having nothing to lose she can afford to. Otherwise, we seem to be served by a parliament consisting for the most part of goons, idiots and wimps. Whose fault? Ours really: we have to start electing people of character, intelligence and imagination.

  11. There are exceptions: Joyce Murray, Charlie Angus, Ralph Goodale, Ted Hsu, Irwin Cotler, Scott Bryson and Paul Dewar spring to mind. And likely others quietly going about their business.

  12. Author

    PJ as a former Green Party candidate I can tell you that Ms May and her team are no different than any of the other parties. As you up the ante political choices are made. It’s easy to take certain stands when you’re not in power.

  13. Yes it is, admin. Still, right now Ms May is a voice of reason, principle and balance amidst the crud. Another exception: Stéphane Dion, whose 2008 green platform is finally winning attention from people of all stripes 7 years on.

  14. Author

    PJ I think history will show the “Global Warming” was the scary reality of our Jet Streams changing course due to the Ozone depletion. This carbon tax etc is simply a cash grab and has created an industry for itself. We have not shown any clear public interest in cleaning up our act and getting out of the oil dependence game. The technologies are out there and developing. This has always been about cold hard cash. Until we tilt the windmill progress will be slowed down.

  15. Jamie, the human race is being tested as perhaps never before in a case of reality and urgency versus complacency and laissez-faire.

  16. How does one with even a modicum of integrity spend their entire adult life pretending to support the ideologies and precepts of one political party, establish a bond with constituents based on that perceived loyalty, but then, after being a nit wit and breaking the rules governing everyone equally, have the unmitigated gall to malign the leader of that party for applying those same rules you espoused.

    One with integrity does not.

    Ms Adams is the archetype for the hollow, self obsessed needy attention getter they make cartoons about.

    It is clear, to even the most casual political observer now, that she really does not believe in, nor ever stood for anything significant or identifiable, except maybe how cool it is to be in the company of erudite political thinkers, wear Jones of New York suits, get her lips botox’d and her hair done every week.

    What is horribly tragic is that the guy she’s sitting beside in that picture, the leader of a major political party in Canada, is her soul mate and has standards so low as to keep company with her rather than tell her to go back to her constituents, run on her record and ask for their trust again.

    Look at that picture again and tell me if you don’t see Ken & Barbie…..

  17. Global warming itself is a scam made by former VP Al Gore to feather his pockets like all politicians. It is all up to you and me and all to look after the earth and not pollute at every chance we get and to clean up. I am 100% behind getting rid of garbage dumps and turning them all into hydro electric power. The dump pollutes and every time we go to Cornwall we know that we are there by the stink of the dump. Who puts up with a dump in the middle of town or anywhere – it reaks. Only mighty stupid people would accept such a thing.

  18. Jules, Jules, Jules….global warming is a reality. Maybe not as much an effect as some would say though.

    Oh, and I’m sure the Ottawa garbage dump smells lovely. The garbage dump is not in the middle of town. Big Ben is. But Big Ben and the city garbage dump cannot be compared apples to apples.

    It would be good if we could turn all garbage into electricity. But it isn’t that simple….Plasco has proven that.

  19. To be fair, Edward Burns, Ms. Adams will have to win the riding nomination before running as a Lib in the next election. It’s not a done deal that she will even run.
    Jules, denying the mountains of scientific evidence that the planet is warming and the sea levels are rising, is kinda like insisting that the universe is six thousand years old.

  20. This global warming is more of a natural phenomena than pollution. Remember the old stories of England in the ancient times and even here in Canada, the US, and worldwide people burned wood for heating and cooling but nothing happened in the atmosphere until our late 20th century and now in the 21st century where people are talking about it. Yes Plasco is in trouble (bankrupt) but in Seatle Washington they incinerate their garbage into electricity and so do many cities including in Sweden and they are not bankrupt. Everything depends on how well a company is managed and if they have the wrong people managing a company then the company will go under. If the company is run by good management then the company succeeds.

    Furtz this world is a great deal older than 6,000 years and more like 6 million years. The Native people have been in Canada and the US for at least 20,000 years and as old as the ancient Egyptians and all those others – they are part of the ancient people.

  21. This so called global warming is something done naturally by God and it is going to be a purification of the earth and erase the evils done by people. I am not just talking about pollution but people’s morals are in the toilet and God did the same to Sodom and Gomorah and he will do the same to the rest of the earth and so much so that it will awaken the people who are left on earth during that time. There will be fires, floods and earthquakes in ways not seen so far. God cannot punish Sodom and Gomorah without punishing the rest of the world as well. This is also know as a chastisement.

  22. Edward Burns, maybe, just maybe the scales finally fell from her eyes. Or, to change the metaphor, she finally broke Harper’s spell. As can happen in life, not only in fairy tales, and as the saying goes, it’s never too late. Whatever Ms Adams’s future, good on her for calling out the Harper crowd for being exactly what they are: mean-spirited, divisive, bullying fear-mongers.

  23. Jules, Jules, Jules….so the ozone problems were caused by God? Now, that is a good one.

  24. PJ, it’s too bad that Adams only came the the realization that Harper is a vindictive thug after SHE became one of his many targets.
    Yes Jules, your god is destroying the planet because we are sinners. We get it.

  25. PJ Roberston, I think if you’ll put down your little book of “Green Party Talking Points” long enough to look outside and see what’s going on in the real world, you’ll find ‘Harper broke her’ spell: it’s been in all the papers and on all the news networks, yes, including the CBC.

    As of last evening, even Liberals are on the record as being outraged with Justin’s carte blanche acceptance of this vengeful, petulant no-mind and are questioning his decision making skills.

    Crediting her with exposing “mean-spirited, bullying fear-mongers” on the heels of her being “booted” from running again is somewhat akin to her seeking a divorce on the grounds her husband complained about her body odour too much.


  26. Edward, stuff the cheap shots (“Green Party Talking Points”). Just saying, however this unfolds good on Ms. Adams for saying out loud what most thinking Canadians have known for years. As to Trudeau’s welcoming her, I agree not a good move. Have the Liberals just swallowed a poison pill?

  27. I don’t know this Adams woman from a hole in the ground but whoever she is has no loyalty nor brains. I won’t forget Bob Rae who scewed up Ontario and went into federal politics and was with the NDP and then went and crossed over to the Liberal/Fiberals. There are no good politicians and only there at the company trough. Politicians are owned by the powers that be and they work for the big corporations. We the little people mean absolutely nothing and are toast.

  28. And of course not voting will solve all the problems.

  29. Author

    To change things you need to vote and you need to get involved. That’s the only way that’s proven to change things. That’s what the bad guys do 🙂

  30. Admin….agreed. That has been my point to anyone who says voting doesn’t change things or that one vote doesn’t matter.

  31. On the other hand, if you live in a backwards riding like where I do (Leeds-Grenville), voting is a depressing and futile exercise. For well over a hundred years, ONLY Conservative MPPs have been elected to Queens Park. There has been the odd Liberal elected federally, but since the Reformers swallowed the Progressive-Conservatives, that will never happen again. I do still vote, but it really is a complete waste of time.

  32. The only time that I can ever remember when elections were exciting were during the days of Pierre Trudeau and not at any other time in history. You can pretty well tell who is going to get in nowadays and people are fed up with the entire gang. When you know the real truth then you don’t want to be bothered with any of them and that is exactly how I am. I know the truth and want no part at all whatsoever.

  33. I think that’s the first timeI’ve seen “election” and “exciting” in the same sentence.

  34. Jules, anyone claiming to know “the truth” is usually considered to be delusional. We all have opinions and theories, but absolute knowledge of “the truth” is normally reserved for “special” people, if you get my drift. LOL ROLF ROLF etc.

  35. Furtz I am special alright. LOL LOL. ROLF! I won’t deny anything here because I have to be special to live in a crazy world that we have nowadays. LOL LOL. Honest Furtz I do know a lot of things now not everything but a lot. I wouldn’t vote anymore at all and nothing gets changed – oh I should retract that on change because sometimes it changes for the worst. It is like tossing two parties up in the air wondering which one will fall in your hands – they are both the same ticket.

  36. Arrogant self-important and feeling entitled… that’s a problem with politicians; they’ve forgotten their place as representatives of the regular folk that make Canada.

    That a selfish narcissist Eve Adams, finds an opportunistic Justin Trudeau to accept her patently self-serving ambition, is a slap in the face to the men and women who they are trusted to work for.

    Shades of Peter McKay’s “bitch” — as he reportedly called her — who after a date with him, went for a drink with Paul Martin and, next thing you know, multi-millionaire Belinda Stronach is a cabinet minister charged with the welfare of struggling Canadians looking for work… so much for that.

    Some choice we’ve got next election… some choice indeed.

  37. Furtz said : “Jules, anyone claiming to know “the truth” is usually considered to be delusional. We all have opinions and theories, but absolute knowledge of “the truth” is normally reserved for “special” people, if you get my drift. LOL ROLF ROLF etc.”

    I tried to say the same thing, but I guess it didn’t make it through the spam filters. No one is any more special than the next person.

  38. A politician that isn’t arrogant?? Is there such a thing?

  39. Politicians are mighty arrogant and look down on all of us regular people and believe me I even saw one in person no more than a few feet. I won’t name the person because he is related to a family in the Cornwall area (outside of Cornwall) who are good people so as not to offend.

    Hugger can tell you that when people in the government get a certain position then they alienate themselves away from the rest and it doesn’t have to be a prime minister or his cabinet but an officer level and Hugger knows what I am talking about (Hugger remember those PM positions and others) and folks these are officer positions and there are other names for them and Hugger knows what I mean. When people of those levels feel too important then what do you think of those politicians. Politicians are owned by the big corporations and they represent them and that is what lobbying is all about. Whether you vote for the Cons for the Fibs there is no difference between the two except that Justine would be a great deal worse than Harpoon Harpo and I am no fan of Harpo.

  40. Once again Jules, you are wielding a really broad brush. For sure a certain percentage of politicians are low-life opportunists, just like you’ll find in any occupation. But I do believe most of them get into it for the right reasons.

  41. Furtz….I agree a lot of politicians get in it for the right reasons. But some (Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau) get blinded by the benefits.

  42. Furtz some politicians do go in for the right reasons but the trouble is once they reach Ottawa they change. The same with the provincial ones and those of the municipal levels. Other politicians go in to get at the trough and think that they are all above the law.

  43. Hugger.. Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau were not elected members of Parliament. They were appointed to the Senate by Dear Leader because they were great fund-raisers for his party.

  44. Furtz….agreed. But they did trottle up to the public trough.

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