Have You Ever Had to Confront Horrible Conflicted Slimy People by Jamie Gilcig FEB 17, 2015

jg2CFN -Confronting horrible conflicted slimy people is never an easy thing; especially when you’re a public person.

People have some strange conceptions, but when you have to confront the monsters in your life they rarely will respond to common sense, or what’s right or fair.  They will not listen and discuss.

They will lie.  They will cheat.  They will conspire and do all sorts of nasty horrible things which sorta leads back to fact that they are horrible conflicted slimy people.

There is no easy way to deal with them.   If you have enough support or are working in a group situation you can try and stem their flow of pooh, but you have to understand they won’t give up until the flesh rots from your body and soul.

They are nasty little brutes that usually there is only one option and that’s to take away their pudding and banish them.   And that takes courage, conviction, and if you’re really lucky enough support to face them down before going and having a glass of red wine and collecting yourself again.

In this world we really have to confront these horrible conflicted slimy people or we end up with slimy conflicted communities.

The truth always travels slower than gossip and lies, but in the end when it arrives it always packs a far greater punch.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Have you had to confront any horrible conflicted slimy people?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. There is a saying that Gerald Celente of Trends Research says a lot “The fish Rots from the Head Down” and yes there are plenty of people out there who will lie, cheat and to anything to hurt the other person and it happens in a lot of places. I have experienced a lot of this in life and learned not to trust people and so has my daughter. It is best to do your work and live your life and not trust people but trust in yourself only. People will hurt others badly. This can be in business, school or private life.

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