Letter to the Editor by Roy Berger – Questions About Bill C-51 FEB 19, 2015

Dear Editor,
This letter is in response to law proposals regarding the safety of Canada and its surveillance. What’s wrong with our current use of Part 2, section 46 of the Canadian Criminal Code?: Offences against public order. Offences against the Queen’s Authority or Person “…conducting acts preparatory for war, assists an enemy…acting prejudicial to the safety of Canada…”I believe we have sufficient rules and regulations now.
treasonWe have rules in place without C-51, that cover doing harm or conspiring to do harm. So why the additional laws? Any reasonable judge can issue a writ or the like, based on that. So I can’t say I truly understand the need and what happens if a fellow like Arthur Porter (soon to have an accident) gets involved.
Security is required, yes but do we have more than hope to chart the course? Will the targets of this law blow back and forth in the sails of political ambiguity? What happened to the Padlock laws? We don’t have difficulty spying on Greenpeace so what is the legal problem with looking into nefarious pressure cookers and railroad track conspiracies now?
Since the conspiracies of the Fenians we’ve had law and precedent on the books, not to mention in particular after the burning of certain barns in a certain Province when restraint was lax and enthusiasm was not curbed. Can the Senate step in and provide some second thoughts?
Roy Berger, Mississauga, Ontario

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  1. The “problem” is we have a control freak as Prime Minister.

  2. The so called laws should be a great deal stricter than what we have just now which is a total laugh for out of Laugh In. If I were the PM I would be so mighty strict that people would be holloring for Harpoon Harpo back in again. Harpo is mighty strange indeed and he doesn’t realize how many terrorists that his administration along with Ti Jean Chrétien and Martin let into Canada. Security HUH they shut the door after the horse left the barn. They don’t know the half of it and the danger that they put Canada into.

  3. Jules….his is not about security. It’s about the government’s desire to control what we do in our lives and on the Internet. If you like having every movement monitored continue to support control freak Stephen Harper and his gang of thieves.

  4. I am not a lawyer. You might want to ask one if you want a more complete understanding. I believe that the difference is quite simply that the previously existing laws were reactive and the proposed law proactive. Hence the need for a separate bill.

  5. David Oldham….really? So this has nothing to do with Stephen Harper and his control freak tendencies. This bill and others are an attack on basic Canadian rights.

  6. The worrisome part is the fact that there is no longer a bi-partisan body overseeing the secret police. And of course, Harper wants this bill passed with next to no debate or public scrutiny.

  7. I just don’t buy into fear mongering, scary Steve or Mr. Hidden Agenda conspiracy theories or little green men, but by all means knock yourself out and believe what makes you feel good. You seem to have great insight into the real purpose of the bill and I would not challenge your understanding.

  8. I believe that the threat of terrorism at the hands of radical Muslims is real. I believe that we have a right to defend ourselves from that threat. I believe that waiting until something happens is not acceptable protection. I believe that having laws that enable a proactive defense from the threat of terrorism are required to provide us all with an acceptable level of protection and safety.

    I acknowledge that not all Canadians feel threatened. Some people may even claim that the thousands of deaths, beheadings, bombings and other attacks attributed to radical Islam are greatly exaggerated or have been perpetrated by individuals with alternate or hidden agendas.

    I am not one of those individuals.

  9. Yes David. As long as you are firm and loyal Harper supporter, you’ll have nothing to fear from him or his police. It’s very simple.

  10. I agree with Furtz when he said “Yes David. As long as you are firm and loyal Harper supporter, you’ll have nothing to fear from him or his police. It’s very simple.”

    Harper is out of control. Trying to hide the dissolution of Canadian rights in his omnibus bills has to stop. Trying to curtail / limit your internet activity by calling it “security” is a bit much, don’t you think?

  11. The threat of radical Muslims is real and this has nothing to do with good law abiding Muslims but those who are mighty big trouble makers and who want everyone dead but their own warped minds. These are what they call Wahabyists meaning Saudi Arabia type of Muslims as well as that Syrian leader Bashar Assad and his father was mighty evil as well. The ISIL are in battles with the Lebanese Army as well. Yes ISIL or ISIS and DASH are real. I support Harpoon Harpo for what he is doing. If Justine came in it would be a total and complete disaster beyond what we have now in more ways than one. I am talking way beyond economy folks I am talking about peoples lives.

  12. Jules, did we ever say the ISIL and / or ISIS threats weren’t real? No. It’s Harper’s continual attack on Canadian freedoms and hiding those attacks in omnibus bills that pisses me off.

  13. Jamie I have something here from Ralph Nader a Lebanese/America former US presidential candidate what he says about our PM Harper and I would like you to read it and post it so as Hugger can read it along with Furtz and everyone else.

    Hugger you do have good points and on the right path. This has happened and still happening in the US and I do know what you are talking about. Yes we are losing our freedoms and people you haven’t seen anything yet and it will go world wide. I know what it is all about but cannot talk about it here. I will give this article to you Jamie and please post if for me your “tiring headache” please, pretty please. LOL LOL.

    Ralph Nader: Stephen Harper is selling the politics of fear


    Hugger and everyone I have been reading and listening to so many people over the years and enough for me to go and hide somewhere in a cave or whatever but we have to face what is here and what is to come. I would like Jamie to read it and post it to all. None of us have seen anything yet and it is already going on in the US since quite some time.

  14. Jules, Harper will be ramping up the fear-mongering from now ’till election day. It’s the only card he has to play. He sure can’t campaign on his record in office. Either way, people are finally seeing through his incompetence and nastiness, and he will soon be “spending more time with his family”.

  15. Ralph Nader?? Seriously?? He lost any credibility he had years ago.

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