Rejean Constantineau, of Curran, Ontario fined $1,575.99 by OSPCA for Animal Cruelty – FEB 19, 2015

ospcaOn February 5, 2015, Rejean Constantineau, of Curran, Ontario, pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA Act.

On October 24th, 2014, the Ontario SPCA received a call concerning a Golden Retriever-type dog that was reportedly left outside all the time. It appeared to have injured rear legs, was dragging itself around and was unable to walk properly. The concerned citizen also stated that the dog had not received any veterinary care.

An Ontario SPCA Officer arrived at the residence and noted a dog lying in dirt behind a dog house. The dog house was rotting, there were holes in the roof and sides and lacked insulation. The Officer attempted to get the dog to stand by calling it with no success. The dog’s coat was severely matted. It was wearing a choker and a collar and had two padlocks attached to a heavy chain.

The owner of the dog was not home and was unreachable by telephone.

It was determined that the dog was in immediate distress and was removed by the Ontario SPCA Officer and immediately brought to a veterinary clinic. It was examined by a veterinarian who determined that euthanizing the dog would be the most humane course of action given its injuries.

Mr. Constantineau later stated that the dog may have been hit by a car and that he had made no attempt to get the dog the veterinary attention it required.

“If pet owners are unable, or unwilling, to care for their animal, leaving that animal to suffer is not an option,” says Steve Toy, Senior Inspector. “Contact your local Ontario SPCA Community to discuss available services.”

Mr. Constantineau was sentenced and received a life time ban from owning, caring for, or living with any animal. He was also ordered to pay $1,575.99 in restitution to the Ontario SPCA and received a fine of $1,000.

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  1. Thank you for banning this “man” for life from owning another pet. I just hope that follow up to ensure this is the case and that he does not care for or live with another ones pet is made to ensure the safety of other animals.

  2. I agree as well about having this man banned for life of owning a pet and believe me there are plenty who should be banned. There are excellent pet owners like our Jamie Gilcig and you can see how happy his pets are – very clean and content and well fed. That is how pets should be treated.

  3. This man needed to do jail plus his fine the human race don’t need sud human like this.

  4. From the OSPCA Officer, to the veterinarian and finally the court system showing a fine example of how the law can and does work with the right people in the right positions. Animal welfare at it’s finest.


  6. Kudos to the OSPCA..Nice to see someone doing their job and doing it well…It’s about time someone finally got it!!!! I wish they would come to the USA and teach our law enforcement to do their jobs.Hope this guy never has another pet of any kind

  7. I think the OSPCA did a great job unfortunately it was to late for the dog. Laws definitely needs to change to be far more severe to try and deter people from being so cruel and vicious towards innocent animals.

  8. I wish they would take that action here in the U. S . They should ban anyone who abuses an animal for life in my opinion!

  9. Very glad to see the owner prosecuted, but sad that the poor dog’s life and suffering was only worth 1000.00, Especially since he admitted denying veterinarian care to the dog.

  10. First of all the fine wasn’t enough, secondly this SOB deserves to be taken out back and WHIPPED to within an inch of his life then chained to a rotten dog house. But i suppose its a start to getting these idiots reprimanded. Government needs to stand up and make these people accountable by increasing jail time and fines. Lets let the Prison Population deal with these perverts that might cure them

  11. So happy to hear that punishment was given to this neglectful owner. So sorry the dog had to live in those conditions.

  12. Imagine if we were so caring towards our children that we were actually moved to protecting them with the same enthusiasm shown here for animals. Imagine.

  13. I cant imagine what this beautiful animal must have felt. Maybe he felt like his world was suppose to be this way, or his life was overlooked because he was a bad boy!! In any instance this dog was a living, breathing soul who was most definitely mistreated and wrongfully done by this so called man.The terror this poor dog must have felt is so overwhelming and so inexcusable. I cant even imagine this poor dog having to suffer this condition, the elements of being outside, neglect, destroyed by this man. I am appalled at his sentence and I know in my heart there is a special place in hell for this man. He just cant get there soon enough for me!! I am so grateful to the Good Samaritan who looked after this dog and had the decency to stand up for him at last. May he respectfully and generously rest his weary head in peace. Contrary to what you thought pup “You were a Good Boy” Now rest!!!

  14. The punishment handed out by the courts is all fine and well. Let’s see if they actually check on him and the others that received lifetime bans on owning pets.

  15. I feel a fine is not good enough for the pain he caused this poor animal put him in jail with an animal lover and he can get tortured

  16. Its a start but fine should have been much more for the scumbag and maybe jail time needed. Thank you to the one that stepped up to the plate and reported this. Keep your eyes open as its full of SOB like that out there. We have to speak out for those that can’t speak for themselves.

  17. Since there is no justice and only JUST US the best that can be served as justice is to get a rope and hang ever SOB that commits murder whether to an animal or a person. There are plenty of dirty, filthy SOB’s around that need to be hung from the gallows.

  18. Somehow, I don’t think Jules will ever be selected to serve on a jury. LOL ROLF ROLF etc.

  19. No I don’t think that I would be selected for jury because I would have them all swing from the gallows and that is the truth.

  20. Jules, have you considered joining Newton’s cult? You might be a good fit.

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