Will the Jail Time Be Justice for Animal Abuser Lance Burgess? by Jamie Gilcig – APRIL 16, 2015

OSPCA CAT Jan 20 2015CORNWALL Ontario – As I write this my strange and wonderful dog is nuzzled between myself and the back of my chair.  My 26 year old cat is wandering the perimeter of my desk, my 16 year old cat is passed out on the dog bed near my feet and my dying beloved Rottie is resting comfortably.

As you can imagine I love animals.   When my Rottie lost a lot of weight due to her cancer I decided to start to cook the dogs food from scratch and she gained all her cancer loss weight back.  I’m not sharing their gloop with a friends older dog too.

Today in Cornwall a monster was in court.    Yes, the bleeding heart liberal side of me can say that he himself is most likely a victim of society; but not every one that has had it tough hurts animals.  As a matter of fact some of the most ruthless of criminals will protect animals over humans.   I’ve seen it first hand.

For Lance Burgess though justice is not being served in this writers opinion.  Lance was charged for abusing two cats.  Frankly he attempted to kill them and then discarded at least one.   Both ended up at a local vet.

He’s represented by one of Cornwall’s finest lawyers, Gaye Leroux.   I’ve interviewed Gaye.  I would posit that he’s a good man.  I can’t imagine how he or any lawyer can defend such a monster as Burgess.

Lance is going to be sentenced to either six months in jail or nine.     He’ll get a ban from owning animals and may have to pay the vet bill, but in the end I can’t imagine the intolerable suffering those two cats went through.

I’m sorry simply doesn’t cut it; even if genuine sometimes.  As Stephen King once wrote “shit wipes” meaning that if you can clean something that’s fine, but some things you can’t wipe.  This act of abuse is one of those.

While people joke,  cats are just as loving a pet as a dog.   They’ll even take abuse at human hands.   To take physical abuse in the manner that Mr. Burgess dished it out including an apparent attempt to “put the cat out of its misery” simply is not acceptable in our society.

I’m not sure such a person can ever be fixed?   I’m not even sure that prison is a solution for such a monster?

But we live in a world with a lot of monsters wandering the streets; many of whom are educated and wear lovely suits.    We seem to value life less and less these days, whether it be human or our beloved pets.

We’re reading more and more of incidents of animal abuse.   It could be because more of them are being exposed via the media or sadly simply because more of them are occurring.

What do you think dear CFN viewers.   What do you think justice should be for Lance Burgess?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Jamie I would like to thank you for this wonderful article. We, who advocate for animals, depend on the media to help raise awareness of the terrible plight of animals. For me it is a banner day when I find a reporter who is also an animal lover. My group RAAW (Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare) initiated the petition to bring severe penalties to Lance Burgess. My feelings are outlined in the petition. Can you explain how you know he will get a 6 – 9 month prison term. I hope that in addition to jail the court will also impose a life time ban on animals and a very stiff fine. Without those components together, there will be no lesson learned by this monste. Thank you for speaking out about this case so publicly. Raising awareness may eventually bring an end to such cruelty

  2. Author

    Lynn the Crown asked for a 9 month sentence. His lawyer asked for 6. The cats have to live out the balance of their lives which ultimately have been shortened by Lance’s abuse. That doesn’t seem like justice.

  3. Since we have lost all respect for human life – as we reject God as the creator of life, is it not so amazing that one animal would seek to destroy and abuse another animal?

    What about logic, reasoning, even love? Such virtues are God given, and since we have rejected His creatorship, and His respect and value for life, such wicked cruelty is bound to happen. I would say the inhumanities against mankind far out weigh the reckless stewardship of God’s creation – animals, natural resources, etc.

    I am not surprised we can be overly concern with animals with no immortal souls since we are misguided idolators by nature – as sinners. Ancient Egyptians worshiped animals. Hindu’s of our day still worship animals. How can we be so murderous, so hard of heart, and so callus when it comes to our own – the million aborted babies, who also have been created by God, and who also have immortal souls, and who end up in trash cans as a dismembered mess. Oh, yes let us harvest their stem cells, so we can make some money, lots of money. Where is the out cry for them? The Justice?

    The warning from the King of Kings is enormously fearful – “…It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones”(Luke 17:1-2). “Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven”(Mat 18:10).

  4. Jamie, thank you for your article. It is time that people were made aware of the cruelty imposed on animals by some sick people. They always say that serial killers start by making animals suffer first. This Lance is a very dangerous person and, I am not so sure even a jail sentence of a few months would better this poor excuse for a human being. In my mind he should be locked away for many a year. We cannot have sickos like him in our society. At any rate thank you again Jamie for making this public.

  5. That’s the first time I recall Newton trashing the Hindu religion. It’s good to see him broadening his horizons.


    My child was molested at 4 years old and the guilty person deemed guilty by a judge got 2 years probation NO JAIL time.

    We live with this life changing event daily even though it has been 9 years. I do not agree with animal cruelty but our justice system is also Cruel to the VICTIMS of
    child abuse. Why didn’t this abuser get jail time ? Especially towards a child and human being?????? What is JUSTICE

  7. Cindy Lewis I just got off a discussion with some people on line and we all agree that the justice system is completely corrupted and there is no justice like I have been posting for a very long time now and only JUST US. Canada is all upside down and inside out and is not a country at all and that is the truth it is only a colony and maybe a penal colony from ancient times like what Australia was. That is horrible what happened to your son and keep him close to you and teach him about the horrible people that exist out there. Believe me I had my day and quit my government job to stay home with my kids. Canada is going to hell as well as the US for the sins that reach heaven.

  8. Pastor I couldn’t thank you enough for what you say here on CFN and I like and respect every word that you wrote. It is like I want to get down on my bunged up knees and say a big thank you to you. Society has gone to hell. God is going to “kick ass” not a good word to use but one that came to mind – sorry for the description but that is exactly what He is going to do. We once had the Great Flood but this time it is going to burn.

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  10. The killing of an animal, if humane, should not make a person a monster. Failing to provide adequate care if it is damaged is the monstrosity.

  11. Sure is quiet around here.
    Has the apocalypse begun?

  12. Furtz you never know when the apocalypse will happen. Gee without me around the paper dies off except for yourself and Hugger. I had a good laugh about what I saw on the freeloader about the Kanebs and Cornwall’s other few ding a lings Benson and that other nitwit the teacher that became representative of South Glengarry or is it South Stormont I don’t know which but wanting to put a university back in Cornwall and you should have heard the uproar of my family roaring with laughter. We all said what a loser of a place and it was tried before and failed. All good courses from St. Lawrence College went to Kingston and Cornwall was left holding the bag. Cornwall went under Ottawa U as well as Lakehead U and failed miserably. Nothing is going to bring business to Cornwall because its reputation is so mighty black that it can never be removed. Anything to screw the people in high taxes that they cannot afford and the counties get a free ride as usual. What a bunch of losers and many are saying the same. It is a good ole boyz club that never left and never will because they are all the same gang.

  13. Way too long for me Jules. I’m good for three lines max.

  14. Author

    Furtz, Furtz, Furtz 🙂

  15. Its comments like that that does not help Cornwall. Sure, we’ve had issues in the past. But we are trying to move on. Having constant put downs from commenters does not help Cornwall. How about something positive once in a while.

    But I do agree that trying to put a university in Cornwall is a very big mistake, even if it is just a satellite location. We have SLC. And having this “steering committee” continually asking for money is a joke. If the “study” were to suggest that it is viable then what? More handouts from the city? No!! I say stop this insanity now. Plain and simple Cornwall is not big enough for a university campus, even if it is only a satellite location. The “steering committee” says it needs to complete a feasibility study that would see a post-secondary campus created at the Nav Centre. Wasn’t the last handout to complete the study? Where did that money go? Did it line someone’s pocket?

  16. Wow! said: The killing of an animal, if humane, should not make a person a monster. Failing to provide adequate care if it is damaged is the monstrosity.

    Are you serious? This story is not about killing animals humanely. This is about animal abuse.

  17. Furtz you are an engineer and supposed to be able to read more than two or three lines or are you what you say you are. I sure don’t have an engineering degree or any degree except for high school and one year SLC and I read and understand everything.

  18. I think I saw some flames raining down from the sky just south of us a few minutes ago. It this happening everywhere or just here? Looks scary.

  19. Author

    Congrats Furtz. You’ve had 1,001 posts approved on CFN!

  20. Whoo-Hoo!! I’m gonna treat myself to an extra Twinkie for lunch!

  21. I love nature and as a hunter I am against cruelty to animals. Punishment should fit the crime and involve an informative process to alter the individuals apparent lack of understanding. His sentencing should include a requirement to volunteer with the SPCA for a period of no less than ten years.

  22. Furtz are you sure you weren’t just seeing the northern lights?

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