CFN Public Service – You Can Comment on Freeholder Stories HERE – April 29, 2015

cfn panic 180x150CFN – As a service to Standard Freeholder readers who cannot post comments on local stories we at CFN thought we’d allot some space for you to discuss their top local stories of the day.

Here are the links:

Sponsoring a Bike-a-Thon rider led to organizing a concert for the Cornwall Children’s Treatment Centre

Cornwall Electric freezes rates

Note to readers on comments on Standard-Freeholder articles

Those were the local news stories as of 6:48 PM EST as well as the police blotter, but as we essentially publish the same info from the CCPS we elected to not publish that.

Please read our clear conditions below to comment.

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  1. This is a great option. Thanks CFN. And let me just say this, thank you to cornwall electric for the rate freeze!! Most appreciated. Not just for my home, but for all the small businesses out there trying to make a buck.

  2. I thank CFN and the SFH for both publishing my article on “prayer being ban by the High Court of Canada”.

  3. Good idea, but it sure has Bob Noble’s shorts in a twist. He sure is frothing at the mouth this morning… even more than usual! Sad to see somebody get to be his age and have so little going on in his life. A question for Bob: If you hate CFN and Jamie so much, why do you spend your time obsessively following the goings on on this site?

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