Wynne Snubs Media Outlet in Chamber of Commerce Visit In Cornwall Ontario APRIL 30,2015

Wynne Truck CornwallCORNWALL Ontario – One might call it a clear example of a disconnect with the voters of Ontario.   Premier Kathleen Wynne is making a press appearance at the Cornwall Ontario Chamber of Commerce today.

Oddly enough this media outlet has not been given an invitation.   We contacted Chamber President Denis Carr who said it was the Premier’s office that is running media for the event.

Emails to Premier Wynne’s team have been unanswered as of 9:32 AM.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Should a Premier be snubbing the largest media outlet in a city that she visits?    You can post your comments below.


CFN has confirmed that at least one other media outlet was not invited to the event.


A 3rd Cornwall media outlet confirms that they too were not invited.


  1. Wynne is the dysfunctional leader of an entitled group of self serving puppets. The premier has signaled loud and clear to the financial world that although having bankrupted the province and reduced Ontario to have not status (2009)her outrageous goal of plunging further into debt (now close to 300 billion)is going to go ahead. 54 million has been stolen from health care by Wynne and allocated illegally to other pet projects.

    She may be gay but I am not happy.

  2. You were expecting the premier to be respectful of taxpayers including yourself. Think again.

  3. Who is going to replace Wynne as premier David?

  4. Winnie the poo bankrupted Ontario and Ontario is finished. 1000 GM (government motors) are being laid off next week. I wouldn’t vote for Winnie the poo if she was the only person running.

  5. Folks I have something here for all of you to read:

    GM to cut 1,000 jobs at Ontario plant

    Automaker outlines plans to invest $5.4 billion in US but nothing in Canada


    Since Winnie the poo took over Ontario is literally bankrupt and all companies are leaving before the ship sinks.

  6. Point of order…..the GM layoffs are in November.

  7. Jules, Ontario factories started shutting down or leaving about twenty years ago. The ship has been sinking for a long time.
    And I’m sure fire and brimstone will be raining down upon us sometime before Labour Day weekend.

  8. Yes GM has been taking its tail and running out of Canada for a long time now because of free trade which isn’t free and costing jobs and family breakups. GM is known as government motors since the Canadian and US government had shares in that failing company. Now it is giving Canada its salute by dropping its pants and leaving. The people just keep on signing “O Canada our home of bankrupt land” and so on. Young people today have no future at all and getting worse and worse.

  9. Ontarians voted Wynne and her Fiberals in…… Now deal with it.

  10. GM is to be thanked for the opportunities that it has provided to Canadian families now and in the past. Business is just that Jules and free trade to a great degree diminishes the need to have a Canadian presence. Ontario’s Green Energy Act and the Liberal governments sell off of the profitable side of Hydro One has signaled the final death blow to the manufacturing sector which will ultimately impact a host of other businesses.

    Thanks to a global economy Jules, young people have even greater advantages than you or I had. Ontario unfortunately is extremely far down the list of viable choices. My retirement account is not going to be used to pay a useless carbon tax grab or the interest on the spiraling debt(almost 1 billion per month in interest)or fund further e-health, gas plant closures etc. etc. so, sadly, I will be leaving Ontario for a friendlier tax environment.

  11. GM still has a presence in Canada. Part of the problem is that the GM workers have / had a very strong union. My brother-in-law just retired from GM in February. He was given an obscene package to retire, along with a full pension with benefits. The number of workers that are in his situation is very limited now. Now GM hires its line workers for about $20/hr, nowhere near what my brother-in-law made, which was probably 2½ times that. GM is very happy to see the old guard leave / retire, as the fewer of the old guard workers the better for GM’s bottom line. In regard to “Young people today have no future at all and getting worse and worse” it just isn’t happening in Canada, it’s everywhere. I think, Jules, it’s what you called world economics. The world is changing and it has to, as the wages, benefits, etc. paid to the old guard are not sustainable if companies, countries, etc. are to survive.

  12. Stan Stork said: Ontarians voted Wynne and her Fiberals in…… Now deal with it.

    Not really Stan. It was the inability of the Ontario PC’s to win the last two elections. It was basically running with Tim Hudak as PC leader that brought the Fiberals to power. If the PC’s had had a better leader we wouldn’t be have McGuinty Jr / Wynne running the province. Hudak alone was able to sink the PC’s chances of forming the government on two seperate occasions.

  13. And Hugger, if Patrick Brown wins the leadership, he will continue his party’s habit of keeping the Libs in power.

  14. Ontario being an official have not province could safely go NDP, what damage can they do? The money has left or been used or misused. There is little left for the unions to suck dry.

  15. Furtz the Cons need a good strong leader in order to take over. Winnie the poo is a loser as a PM and putting Ontario further into bankruptcy. Winnie cut on hospitals in small towns and nurses, etc. in big cities which is the most important area – health care. Teachers want to strike but never touched these people which are the lesser important bunch who do not work as hard. Teachers get all the perks like the crazy government at the highest levels and that nobody else receives at all including huge pensions. When the stock market falls which it will all that will be gone. There will be more tears and suicides than ever before. Nobody has seen anything yet and when they do their eyes will never shut but will remain open for a mighty long time.

  16. Sadly, Jules, it looks like the Con are about to choose a social conservative tea-party nut-bar for their next leader. I agree that they need a strong leader, but that leader also has to have a brain and some integrity. Brown has neither.

  17. It would be nice if commenters wouldn’t paint everyone from certain professions with the same brush. The province’s financial situation must be brought under control and soon. But to continually suggest that teachers are the solution is just so wrong. The solution must be a multi-faceted approach.

    And crystal ball gazing gets boring IMHO.

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