Are the Leafs All In on Babcock & What if He Ends up in Buffalo by Jamie Gilcig MAY 19, 2015

472px-Mike_Babcock_in_2013CFN – Brendan Shanahan has to be feeling the pressure.   No jackpot lottery pick and maybe, not even getting the coach that Leaf Nation clearly desire.   Well almost all of the teams in the NHL looking for coach are looking for.

With Edmonton turning Connor McDavid over to Todd McLellan and Philly hiring their new coach the rumblings are that Babcock might even stay in Detroit on a short term deal.

It wouldn’t necessarily be the worst decision.  Detroit clearly is in transition with its two key stars officially past their due dates and question marks surrounding a few other veterans.

While Detroit made the play offs this year, they clearly were not expected to move far in the Play offs.

If anything making the play offs only reinforced the Babcock legend a bit more.   Another season of the same probably wouldn’t hurt, but this writer thinks that he’ll end up in Buffalo.    And if that happens Toronto will not only be unhappy for losing their man, but have it rubbed in its face by such a near rival.

via medica 2 2015It also means so big choices of the spoils.   Is Dan Blysma a Leaf coach?   Is anyone?    Toronto still doesn’t have a GM in place yet either, and of course there’s the myriad of questions about what to do with the team; blow it up, rejiggle.   A new direction?  The same old?

The answers will be coming quick, but from this keyboard it looks like Babcock will be seeing Buffalo green instead of Toronto blue or Detroit red this season.

The sadder point is that the Babcock hiring or resigning is getting more press in some circles than the play offs themselves, especially as there are no Canadian teams left in this season’s run.

What do you think Leaf fans?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Detroit. Why would he want to step in the giant turd that is now the Toronto Maple Leafs. And Buffalo?? Seriously!!

  2. He not going to Buffalo. He will stay in Detroit. Ill tell u this if Toronto was better he would. He will sign a short term deal with wings. And dont be surprised if he signs with Toronto in a few or couple of years. He will wait.

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  3. Guess I was wrong. Let’s see how long it is before he throws up his his hands and says enough is enough. Will he be able to get the Leafs to buy into his plan or will he blow up the team?

  4. Author

    It’s going to be a brave new world for Mr. Babcock.

  5. admin said “It’s going to be a brave new world for Mr. Babcock” Yes, but $50 million over 8 years will lessen the blow of coaching the Maple Leafs..

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