Senior Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Alzheimer’s & Don’t Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car

DawnFord_SSR_YouthfulDr. Ernie Ward, Veterinarian has a web site: and in one of the links he places himself in a hot car to show us what it is like for an animal to be left in one on a hot day even with the windows open.

Jamie ran it in this newspaper last summer and it is good to review gain.

I keep two phone numbers in my purse in case they are needed: Police 613-932-2110 and the SPCA 613-936-0072. Don’t hesitate to call.

The poor little animals can’t do it for themselves.

Can anyone tell me why this cat, Tiger, big big baby likes to lick plastic? Another question to ask the Vet. When I come in with any plastic bag and put it on the floor for a few moments not thinking of this plastic addict, he is right there licking it. He doesn’t bite it or chew but licks away.

He seems to have stopped trying to chew wires although there are not any available to the best of my ability to keep them away hidden. I have two older phones that still have cords connected from the hand piece to the base and he will grab that cord so fast and try to chew it even when if I am talking on the phone. Maybe he thinks it is a snake or something. I am convinced more and more that he is part puppy or he thinks he is, at least. Cute, though.

A few friends were talking about the old days in the band at CCVS and remembered one our music teachers ,Mr. Keith Girard. I found this old picture taken at a Track and Field event at CCVS where he seems to be keeping score:

DF May 19 2015 aWe mentioned Mr. Girard because he was always so pleasant and fun. I also had him as a home teacher one year besides being my music teacher. He still kept order in his classroom despite being so nice. I think I remember having to stand in the hall for a bit for passing notes once. Maybe more than

I had played the Violin, the Clarinet and was playing the Alto when I joined the band and orchestra. He switched me to the French Horn which was a great instrument. I learned on my own, though, to play the counter melodies by ear which other instruments played. I used to cheat sometimes and play the counter melodies because they were sometimes more interesting than the usual toot- toot of the French Horn. If he heard it, he didn’t let on. Kids, eh?

He was a Flute player and left CCVS to join the Toronto Symphony, If I am remembering correctly. We missed him and his relaxed personality.

Sharyn Duffy, Campaign and volunteer Coordinator for the Cornwall and District Alzheimer Society has sent me some information on the Walk for Alzheimer’s. Our latest event in Cornwall took place recently but if you are interested , there is another coming up Saturday, June 13, in Rockland from 9-11am at the Ecole Secondaire Catholique L’Escale. Also, it is never to late to make a donation.

Sharyn sent me the following info on the new Walk for Alzheimer’s:

‘For the past years, you have walked for one cause-family members and friends living with dementia-and the belief that you can do something about the disease. You have walked with your parents, your kids, your neighbours and your colleagues. and you have walked with tens of thousands of Canadians united in their journey for help and hope.

What you know today as the Walk for Memories has become the Walk for Alzheimer’s Spring 2015 and has a new look and a new name.

Why? Because Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia are on the rise. We can’t hide that fact., and we need to be there for one another. By saying the name of the disease publically, we are fighting the stigma attached to it. By introducing a new look, we want Canadians to feel united under one movement. Your amplified voice will contribute to greater awareness for the disease.

With your support, the Walk for Alzheimer’s will remain the Alzheimer Society’s biggest annual event helping fund local programs and services that improve the quality of life for individuals living with dementia and their caregivers.

Visit us today at www.walkfor to have a peak at our new look. We promise that your fundraising efforts will continue to make a difference to people in our community. and we promise a movement that will send a message of hope to the 747,000 Canadians living with dementia and to the millions that love them and care for them.

Locally we provide service to over 840 families in 2014. We provide a variety of support services, education and we advocate for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementias. We also provide support services to their caregivers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help together, we will make memories matter.’

Here are the ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease:

1) MEMORY LOSS THAT AFFECTS DAILY ACTIVITIES- forgetting things often or struggling to retain new information.

2) DIFFICULTY PERFORMING FAMILIAR TASKS- forgetting how to do something you’ve been doing your whole life.

3) PROBLEMS WITH LANGUAGE- forgetting or substituting words that don’t fit the context.

4) DISORIENTATION IN TIME AND SPACE – not knowing what day it is or getting lost in a familiar place.

5) IMPAIRED JUDGEMENT -not recognizing a medical problem that needs attention or wearing light clothing on a cold day.

6) PROBLEMS WITH ABSTRACT THINKING – having difficulty balancing a chequebook or not understanding numbers.

7) MISPLACING THINGS – putting things in a strange place like a dress in the refrigerator or a watch in a sugar bowl.

8) CHANGES IN MOOD AND BEHAVIOUR- exhibiting severe mood swings from being easy-going to quick tempered.

9) CHANGES IN PERSONALITY- behaving out of character, becoming confused, suspicious or fearful

10) LOSS OF INITIATIVE – losing interest in friends, family and favourite activities.

Please call the Cornwall and District Alzheimer Society’s office at 613-932-4914 or visit their web site @ for more information.

Here is a wonderful photo submitted by Sharyn of one of their Alexandria teams of walkers , ‘Roger Dodger’, and is comprised of many generations of the Jeaurond family.

DF May 19 2015 b

The Seaway Winds Concert Band are offering a big concert at Aultsville Hall on Sunday May 24th. at 2pm. It will feature 7 conductors and 70 musicians. Cost is reasonable at $15 for adults and children under 10 free with an adult. It sounds wonderful to me and I hope to get there but some people may not be able to attend.

There are no buses running on Sunday which means unless you can afford a cab or get a ride with someone or walk that far, you can’t go, and of course, no Handi-transit buses either. Heart breaking to me.

Here is a cute joke:

There was a worker doing some repairs on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.  An elderly woman arrived and kneeling in front of a statue of The Virgin Mary, began to pray. The man thought he would have some fun because he knew she couldn’t see him .

He yelled down, “This is the Lord calling.”

No answer.

Again he yelled down a bit louder, “This is the Lord calling.’

Again no answer.

In his loudest voice, he yelled once more, “This is the Lord calling.”

The elderly lady said loudly, “Will you be quiet? I am trying to talk to your Mother!!”

Have a good week, Dawn

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