Cornwall Police Attend Popular Eatery CEDARS ON WHEELS – MAY 27, 2015 UPDATED PROJECT HARDEN

cedars raid may 27 2015 b

One of Cornwall’s most popular eateries, Cedars on Wheels, has Cornwall Police attending.

CFN will update as more information becomes available.

cedars raid may 27 2015

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UPDATE 12:23

Sgt. Kristine Rae of the OPP reported that the investigation is ongoing and a release will be issued later this afternoon.

It was not confirmed if the action at Cedars on Wheels is in direct relation to the police action at Park and St. Lawrence Drive near the college.

The phone line to Cedars on Wheels says that the number has been disconnected.  CCPS at the scene would not confirm if this was done by police.


The arrests today were connected to Project Harden, a joint forces action listed below.


 The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau, Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit (PWEU) and its partners, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), the Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS), the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS)  “Project HARDEN”, a joint forces investigation focused on trafficking in the Cornwall area.




  1. Couldn’t they have waited til after lunch time to raid the place?

  2. Author

    I know. Now I’m jonesing for some garlic sauce and hummus.

  3. As I bite into my peanut butter sammich, Cinderella’s “Don’t Know What You Got (Til It’s Gone)” suddenly comes on the radio…

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  4. Thanks for taking our delicious meals off our tables. Government overreaction like this is why we can’t have nice things.

  5. To clarify… the overreaction I am talking about is the seizure and destruction of a business without benefit of anything remotely like a trial. I guess in Cornwall Ontario you are guilty until proven innocent.

  6. The swine can’t wait until after school? They rather scare parents and kids because they just have to do the raid this minute? I’m really getting sick of my children’s school being locked down, I don’t know when something serious is going on or not. Really becoming a “boy who called wolf” type of thing, thanks to the swine crew.

  7. Any idea why the police were removing store equipment and signs? That seems weird.

  8. Waste of time. Who cares as long as they have good food. The cops can take their proceeds of crime or whatever they call it and shove it up their Timbits.

  9. Craig Frey…’s everywhere that you are guilty until proven innocent, not just Cornwall.

  10. Will CFN be attending the news conference tomorrow?

  11. Author

    don’t know Hugger. It’s hard to be in three places at the same time and we have extra security concerns right now.

  12. Sad people lost a job including myself no reason to destroy a perfect restaurant. Cornwall Ontario is a welfare city no jobs no hopes and because of the law 6 people lost a right to earn a living and feed their family’s and pay rent. Good job Cornwall Ontario 6 people will need to be placed on welfare or e.i due to this event

  13. Jamie I have a news piece from the Ottawa Citizen about what went on in Cornwall. This has to do with gun trafficking and we have all been through a lot of hell here in Ottawa and in my area of town with the gun shots (gangsters over drugs and hookers) both Arabs and Somalis battling it out on our streets. Cornwall’s Barney Fife PD could not handle this situation at all and it has been many years that this has been happening where the Ottawa cops have been asking for the public’s help on these matters. Gang members will not talk because they know that they would be snuffed away. Here is the article for all of you to read:

    OPP to announce results of gun-trafficking probe

    Jamie the cops do not take down signs of a business for nothing unless they had solid proof of what is going on. Yes there are people who are framed with false charges but this goes far beyond false charges. These people are very resourceful and I told you the truth but you didn’t publish it which is ok. I figured that there was a great deal more to the story than what was being told to all of you. I live right near not far from a lot of the action if you want to call it that. The problem here in Ottawa is mighty serious. {MODERATED} come through the Native Reserve in Cornwall and something has to be done to prevent this. I suggested flooding Cornwall and taking down the bridge.

  14. Thanks Jules for the suggestion to flood Cornwall. That’s a bit over the top, don’t you think?

    As for the removal of the signs and everything in the business it has to do with the proceeds of crime. As for the CPS not being able to handle this. Wrong. This was a joint effort headed by the OPP’s organized crime and provincial weapons units and also involved Ottawa police, Cornwall police, Canada Border Services Agency, RCMP and Akwesasne police. It goes much deeper than just Cedars on Wheels.

    The details of the operation will be revealed today at a press conference in beautiful downtown Long Sault.

  15. I just looked at the freeloader and the seaway rag and Paul’s name is in it for breach of probation and drugs. We met him when we lived in Cornwall and my husband wondered if he was part of this sting. Wait until I break the news. These people literally destroyed their lives forever.

  16. I tell you, with the number of combo plates I bought from that restaurant, at least ONE of the letters in that sign the police confiscated was paid for by me., not by proceeds of any ALLEGED crime

    This was collective punishment of the community, of innocent workers, and of who knows how many non-criminal investors.They made sure there was maximum impact to the community, including doing it during school hours so they could terrorize children and parents with their lock-downs. It is sad to see that they can pull this kind of action in a country that supposedly follows the rule of law and trail by jury.

  17. Craig Frey lock downs are done a lot here in Ottawa and since the shootings have been going on it has scared the hell out of many children and parents as well. The society today is mighty sick. I told my husband that Paul was one of the men caught and he was disappointed that this young man got involved in this stuff. Paul owns real estate in Cornwall and through his life away. I too am disappointed. My husband made me laugh a while ago saying that he was a Lebanese saint living here in Canada compared to the rest of them.

  18. So, according to Craig Frey these raids should be done when it’s convenient for everyone. Perhaps Craig would like the police to call and make an appointment with the offending people to be sure they’ll be available. Read up on the proceeds of crime enforcement action. From today’s news conference (or whatever you want to call it)….”“One of the strategies for dealing with organized crime is a to have a robust proceeds of crime enforcement action. You often hear the adage, follow the money. Well, in this case, we emptied the business. They were all offense-related property. There was a court order in place to take the assets of the business” This was not collective punishment of the community, of innocent workers, and of who knows how many non-criminal investors. This was enforcing the law as it is written.

  19. Amazing that people are jumping all over police on this one . How unfair that police tore apart a business involved in the trafficking of drugs and weapons. Are those same people disappointed that 3kg of cocaine and ak-47 assault rifles are off the street? Mind blowing mentality.

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