Jacko Otter of Rezdude.ca Captures Tug Boat Rescue in Cornwall Ontario – JUNE 23, 2015

Rescue on river JACKO 2

Area photographer, Jacko Otter from Akwesasne captured some of the stunning moments from the sinking of the tug boat Monday.

rescue on river JACKO

He shared his photos from his rezdude.ca website with our viewers.

JO 3


His camera caught the rescue of one of the workers in detail.


More of the rescue


The brave rescue.



  1. There was a heavy smell of diesel fuel in the air late afternoon and into the evening. It was easily detectable as far east as Summerstown! Who knows what other harmful substances were leaked during this unfortunate event. Allowing Cornwall’s waterfront to be a chemical storage site only serves to increase the likleyhood of more spills on water and land. What a shame to continue harming the city’s most valuable asset.

  2. Another DemoPlus “managed” debacle. When is the Ministry of Labour going to get serious about that organization.

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