Boat Sinks During Bridge Demo in Cornwall Ontario VIDEO June 22, 2015

CORNWALL Ontario – Cornwallites got to watch a live rescue as a boat working on the Seaway International Bridge Demolition sunk early this afternoon.


The  Lac Manitoba, owned by Nadro Marine sunk after smoke was reported to be seen.

No injuries have been reported as of press time.

The bridge spans the channel between Cornwall and Akwesasne en route to NY State.

Witness Jerry Atchison reported to CFN:

That happened at the bridge but I only knew something was up by the smell. The smell of diesel fuel was almost enough to choke you and make you look for fresh air.

I was at the baseball area near race St on my bike when I noticed it. The smell got worse all the way to the band shell then once I was at the dock behind the wing I couldn’t smell it anymore and most people weren’t even aware that fuel had been spilled because you can’t smell it where the boat was flipped over.

I’m telling you, there had to be lots and lots of fuel spilled into the water.


  1. My husband knows that the current there is very strong,these people should have inquired about the currents from the locals DUH !!!

  2. Yay! My first time being part of the news. Thanks Jamie! Ya so I was at the baseball diamonds and was going to watch a game but the smell was so strong I had to follow it and see what was up. Low and behold a huge boat is upside down near the bridge. Plus I just heard all the cops, firetrucks and emt heading west on water st. I’m glad everyone is ok, but our water in Canada seems to always be the victim of oil spills. It’s frustrating that you can possibly lose your car if it doesn’t pass etest(clean air) and it’s cost every two years, but our water ways are always under attack it seems by oil and chemicals being spilled into them. I know they are accidents, but it’s frustrating to see. Especially when you start seeing pictures of the wildlife being affected.

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