Council Shafts River Kings in Cornwall Ontario – Rink Funding Limited to 30% JUNE 22, 2015

So here were the options that council weighed in after a report from Management at Monday night’s council meeting.

That Council approve the following:

1. That Council approve a three year agreement with the Cornwall Colts based on the same contract provisions as the last contract, as contained in this report, and as well, continue to provide the Minor Sports Association’s 40% subsidy for the Colts. All is subject to a Council decision on sharing of advertisement outlined as part of options provided in part 4 of these recommendations, provided the Colts continue to remain under the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association.

2. That Council approve a three year agreement with the River Kings based on the same contract provisions as the last contract and as contained in this report. All subject to a Council decision on advertising sharing outlined as part of options provided in Part 4 of these recommendations and the team will pay full price for the ice, office rentals, and any other items requested by them.

3. Provide each team with a $100 per game rebate from game night concession sales.

4. That Council choose one of the following models to deal with advertisement revenues for the arena, arena concourse, ice surface and ice boards.

a) River Kings proposal: They propose an equal split of the arena. The split will have each team controlling their own advertising costs and income. The split would occur down centre ice giving the Colts the west side and the River Kings the east side. Any ad opportunities intersected by the division line including media boxes, 2 rink boards, 2 backlit signs will go to the Colts. Please refer to attached proposal.

b) Colts proposal: They propose a 80-20 split in revenue with the River Kings. This would consist of a mix of all ad space consisting of rink boards, back lit signs, wall, floor and door signage to be broken down and confirmed by both parties. Please refer to attached proposal.

c) That Council remain with the status quo providing 100% of the advertisement to the Colts with a clause in their contract stipulating they must share in order to receive their 40% subsidy for game and practice ice.

d) That Council select another percentage option that they feel best fits the operation, revenue stream and long standing relationship with the City.

e) The City not provide any advertisement opportunities at all to anyone and try to sell with existing staff and keep revenues.

It was odd listening to the debate as most of council was missing.

council JUNE 22 2015

Councilor Dupelle and Mayor O’Shaughnessy voted against the 70-30 split.

River Kings owner Steve Moreau granted CFN a comment after the vote.


How does this affect the River Kings?  It’s too early to tell however it’s interesting to see how the City of Cornwall wants stability in our team yet votes for a 70/30 split on advertising privileges.

 How is a team to gain stability when it’s own City wont assist the team?  

No revenue from concessions, no revenue from beer sales, no discount on ice time, no practice ice available because of policy and forcing us to go outside the city.  

They (Council) had the choice to play fair or to play favourites. Looks like they played favourites.  

It’s going to take a lot of work on everyone’s part (fans, owners, staff) and its now time for for fans, sponsors and anyone who supports the team to understand this team will cost all of us to have them here.  

Whether its in ticket sales, merchandise sales, paying players, etc, we will all have to spend to keep the team.  

Sponsorship and season tickets are available and we’ll need to sell 2500 season tickets to break even.  I suggest buying them now to reserve your seat.


  1. The River Kings get the short end of the stick again. How about giving them the same deal on rink rental rates that the Colts get? If Cornwall Colts owner Ian MacInnis doesn’t like it he can take his puck and go home. Then the River Kings would have shot at surviving in Cornwall.

  2. I would comment on this but I have to go water my lawn. I never usually water it but I’m o the side of street where I can today but not tomorrow LOL

  3. I would comment as well, but I’ve set the day aside to pick the fly sh!t out of my pepper grinder. I only do it once a year, but today is the day.

  4. 70/30=somebody got suckered

  5. mike g…..suckered? That’s being polite. The River Kings got screwed!!

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