UBER Driver Assaulted in Ottawa Ontario – JUNE 26, 2015 #UBER #OPS

Male and female charged with serious assault on UBER taxi driver


(Ottawa)—The Ottawa Police Service has charged two people following a serious assault on a UBER taxi driver.

On June 8, 2015, two males and a female got into a UBER taxi outside a downtown nightclub at Bank and Slater Streets. A few blocks away from that area, the persons in the taxicab became physically aggressive with the taxi driver, who eventually abandoned his taxi at the corner of Elgin and Lisgar Streets.

The victim attempted to flee, however he was chased down, dragged, beaten and left unconscious. The suspects fled on foot. The victim was hospitalized for a few days with facial and head injuries.                     

As a result of the investigation, Crystle BOSSI, 23 years old (f) and Jesse KARAM, 27 years old (m), both of Ottawa have been charged with Aggravated Assault. KARAM also faces two charges of Breach of Undertaking.  He will attend court today while BOSSI has a court date in July.

Investigators are still searching for the third suspect involved in this assault. He’s described as a black male, 6’ (183cm), approximately 30 years old, muscular and short hair (see picture).

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  1. The crimes here in Ottawa is unbelievable and I heard about this case on the car radio. A few evenings ago I saw and heard ambulances, and cops racing down on a main thorough fare here in Ottawa and I knew where they were headed – Heron Gate area and other low income housing. Two cop cars put themselves across from where I live. All had to do with this case. My son told me yesterday that some people were shot in their car and I figure it to be a drug deal gone bad since that is all we hear around Ottawa. Ottawa was never like what you see today with all the crime – guns and drugs being brought in from the US. Toronto has become like the US. I will have to go on Ottawa’s papers now to see if there is anything. I rarely ever go there and now I will give it a peek.

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