View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley A Long Hot Summer Before the Election JULY 7, 2015 #cdnpoli

Some time ago when the push for fixed election dates was first discussed, I for one was never in favour of the idea. I always felt that Canadian elections would end up following the pattern of American ones with a last year being devoted to little that would be considered constructive. The focus would end up being negative after negative and we would end up seeing all the political parties in constant attack mode long before the election date.

Well here we are months before the next election and even a political junkie like myself has had enough.

I expect that like most Canadians who are not political zealots, I am tired of:

  • the constant barrage of political ads, they seem to be on every popular show. Why can’t we have a ban on these ads up to a month or so before the election call?
  • the incessant attacks on each leader by the others and knowing that they will only get nastier the closer we get to election day. If you believe everything they say about each other we have a pretty sorry bunch of individuals running to be Prime Minister.
  • all the promises, promises, and more promises being made by every party, yet we all know most will never see the light of day regardless of who is elected.
  • the increasingly long and expensive list of policies being trotted out. How many tax dollars will the parties wring out of hard working families to implement these policies?
  • listening to the same monotonous talk points recited every time someone is interviewed. Is there no one in Ottawa who can think for themselves?
  • the constant fear mongering by all of the leaders- remember Chicken Little, the world won’t end regardless of which party is elected to form government
  • all the polls everyone is quoting (often ignoring the margin of error) to predict who is ahead
  • all the polls which hardly matter at this early stage, pontificating about who will win how many seats
  • the media spinning the same stories which are often days old as new
  • third party advertising that disguises which special interest group is behind them. What is wrong with telling Canadians who you really are instead of coming up with a name and web site that hides that from voters?
  • the media focus on the three main parties. What about the Greens? If it’s a minority government they could play a key role. Don’t Canadians deserve to know what they stand for as well- and it’s not just the environment?

It could be a long hot summer and if this is what we can expect with fixed election dates, then it’s time to turn off the TV and car radio and grab a beer and a good book while firing up the BBQ.

It’s time to do like most Canadians and ignore the political goings on until a week or so before the election.

Give us a break!

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